• this is the most stupid thing i've ever seen
    22-Apr-2017 15:46:26 PM
  • 22-Apr-2017 21:19:04 PM
    22-Apr-2017 22:35:35 PM
  • Or you can get a new pencil
    23-Apr-2017 04:58:49 AM
  • or you can buy new pencils
    23-Apr-2017 07:25:28 AM
  • glue gun sticks are fucking expensive wtf
    23-Apr-2017 07:25:38 AM
  • TRACK---------->John Kenza Wicked [NCS]
    23-Apr-2017 12:45:46 PM
  • Orrr you can buy new pencils
    23-Apr-2017 15:44:43 PM
  • wtf
    23-Apr-2017 16:31:24 PM
  • @gemmacashmanxx just get a new pencil ini be assed
    23-Apr-2017 20:52:00 PM
  • @_j.doug96 shutup
    23-Apr-2017 20:53:30 PM
  • 23-Apr-2017 21:04:48 PM
  • get a new pencil, this looks so stupid i stg
    23-Apr-2017 23:03:26 PM
  • Just buy a new fuckin pencil, "lifehacks"
    24-Apr-2017 00:58:15 AM
  • Glue gun sticks are expensive.. Why waste iy
    24-Apr-2017 04:18:41 AM
  • 24-Apr-2017 04:38:46 AM
  • Why not just buy a new pencil....
    24-Apr-2017 19:25:29 PM
  • It's easy to write with tiny pencils....
    25-Apr-2017 00:37:16 AM
  • Or you could use a regular sized pencil
    25-Apr-2017 05:44:21 AM
  • Or you could just guys some refular sized pencils. Because everyone has a glue gun in class.
    25-Apr-2017 19:35:01 PM
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