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Prowadzę zapisy na czerwiec 😂🙃✌️✂️💇💇🏻‍♂️ Wpadajcie! Jak widzicie mam sporo ról na krańcu świata, nawet takich zaskakujących 😀 M. #hairsalon #malaysia #kraniecswiata #kobietanakrancuswiata #k9 📷 @arcimarek

  • Wspaniale 😘😘
    19-Apr-2017 15:04:59 PM
  • Rewelacja!!!!😍😁😍
    19-Apr-2017 15:09:44 PM
  • Kiedy otworzysz swój salon w Polsce ?😃
    19-Apr-2017 15:12:05 PM
  • 😀
    19-Apr-2017 15:17:53 PM
  • Grunt to uśmiech 😀😀i otwarte serce💖
    19-Apr-2017 15:21:05 PM
  • Jaki najbliższy termin? ;-)
    19-Apr-2017 15:30:59 PM
  • Jestem chętna
    19-Apr-2017 15:52:47 PM
  • A właśnie miałam się obciąć 😝🤗
    19-Apr-2017 15:53:44 PM
  • ❤️
    19-Apr-2017 16:03:18 PM
  • I w kazdej roli jestes cudowna 😊
    19-Apr-2017 16:53:48 PM
  • W piątek ścinam włosy i przesyłam je dla fundacji. Już nie mogę się doczekać, choć trochę żałuję, że to nie Pani będzie mi je ścinać 😉💇
    19-Apr-2017 17:01:12 PM
  • To my poprosimy o dwa miejsca😉😉😉
    19-Apr-2017 17:27:40 PM
  • 👍👍👍👍
    19-Apr-2017 17:56:18 PM
  • 👌
    19-Apr-2017 19:04:14 PM
  • 😀👌🏻
    19-Apr-2017 20:33:39 PM
  • Może i my wpadniemy 😸🔥
    19-Apr-2017 21:35:25 PM
  • 💕💕💕
    20-Apr-2017 12:31:40 PM
  • Keep it up!
    20-Apr-2017 21:33:22 PM
  • Jutro będę
    22-Apr-2017 13:04:58 PM
  • Taki zakład fryzjerski to czad! 💆
    22-Apr-2017 16:17:15 PM
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It looks like #Rihanna is here for that action-comedy film co-starting #LupitaNyongo the Internet made up! AHHH! Now we're just waiting on #AvaDuvernay (view previous post)
#maverickmonday predicting a wild week! #currentmood regram @vogueclips
Tag a friend to see this epic transformation Looking back it's crazy to see how far I have come. On the left I was 21 years old, active duty in the military eating anything and everything I could just to maintain some kind of size and not caring about being lean.. (I didn't know where my footsteps in life would lead me) _ On the right, I'm 26 years old. This 5 years difference goes to show my results of day in and day out of hard work and dedication.. Blood sweat and tears. _ I don't train to compete or look good in a photo. I train hard everyday to better myself and inspire others to do the same.
😍👌🏼🍞🍫 Which toast is your pick?
Well....What had happened was....lol
When the hood gets their own Starbucks flavor
Love. Love. Love. #EDbyPetSmart
#Ciara looks like she's ready to pop pretty soon 👶🏽❤️ #BabyWilson
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#maverickmonday Setting the tone for the week! I'm just saying..... Don't we all 😜
😍👌🏼 Bowl of oats, berries & granola🍓
Eye love the Earth. #EarthDay
Hittin the green on da golf course!!! @douggrandhustle @voncaesarbrm @croddgrandhustle @bambesky @fdanciu at The Derek Jeter Celebrity Invitational.
#GeorgeLopez and #DLHughley get "Darkness" tattoos in memory of #CharlieMurphy
#rockmomchronicles Because raising kids that care is so important, @summerhopechamblin & @chancechamblin participated in the Blooming Art Project that benefits Solving Kids Cancer! #sacredsunday 🙏🏽
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