2 weeks ago
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  • Yasssss i 👀 📺 watched all the seasons every episode
    22-Apr-2017 00:07:19 AM
  • Victories from nickelodeon omg I can't believe that it got cut of though it was so good
    22-Apr-2017 00:49:26 AM
  • 90s baby
    22-Apr-2017 01:05:51 AM
  • I loved tori and jades song I'm addicted to it
    22-Apr-2017 08:19:08 AM
  • I love jade
    22-Apr-2017 11:22:22 AM
  • I recorded this on my iPod when I was young and would dance around the house playing Take A Hint
    22-Apr-2017 14:19:59 PM
  • Damn everyone glowed up😭😭
    22-Apr-2017 14:35:38 PM
  • @noorkamal_banwait im the second one :-(
    22-Apr-2017 14:50:54 PM
  • @rosamarevw stuur dit filmpje
    22-Apr-2017 17:43:30 PM
  • Jades voice is to die for😍😍😍😍
    22-Apr-2017 18:14:24 PM
  • Hem er gewoon in taggen 😂 @karenvdakker
    22-Apr-2017 18:17:11 PM
  • I lied this one is really good @higenrae verryy confusing
    22-Apr-2017 19:31:43 PM
  • Ya..... I love that show
    22-Apr-2017 21:03:32 PM
  • I miss Victorious
    23-Apr-2017 04:49:10 AM
  • 24-Apr-2017 00:32:15 AM
  • @gabeebastemmet this song is so cool!
    24-Apr-2017 22:47:15 PM
  • Loved this life hack
    25-Apr-2017 19:36:07 PM
  • 25-Apr-2017 21:47:02 PM
    26-Apr-2017 14:06:52 PM
  • 27-Apr-2017 02:48:27 AM
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“I lost my mom when I was 10, and I lost my grandma when I was 21. I realized through therapy that I had anxiety and depression. I try to humanize depression and anxiety a bit by sharing my own story,” says Vivian Nunez ( @vivnunez). She is the founder of Too Damn Young ( @2damnyoung), a community with the sole purpose of letting any grieving teenager know they are not alone. “I don’t think there’s ever a moment where you are done with grief, and I’ve always described it this way: Grief is a thing that you learn to walk alongside of, you never leave it behind. But I remember my mom and my grandma now, and I smile. Writing is a big coping mechanism for me, and it’s a counterbalance. My captions are really long and often heavy in terms of what they’re talking about, but my pictures are really pretty. They remind me how there’s still good in the world, and there are still pretty things in the world even if the day itself was a little bit heavier.” Photo of @vivnunez by @babin
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