In the US Pacific Northwest, Joseph Watrous ( @gemini_digitized) waited for the perfect morning light to hit the farmland in front of him. “I could wake up here every day and never miss the city!” #WHPgoodmorning Photo by @gemini_digitized

  • 💜
    24-May-2017 02:55:09 AM
  • Amazing
    24-May-2017 05:43:56 AM
  • magnifique!
    24-May-2017 09:09:01 AM
  • Woahhh 😀
    24-May-2017 19:25:07 PM
  • Gustavocastillo
    24-May-2017 23:40:34 PM
  • Siganme y los sigo
    25-May-2017 01:33:06 AM
  • Amazing 😮😮😮😮😮😮😮
    26-May-2017 17:06:48 PM
  • Amazing 😮😮😮😮😮😮😮
    26-May-2017 17:07:02 PM
  • que de sin palabra
    26-May-2017 18:56:44 PM
  • Wow its so amazing
    27-May-2017 09:03:11 AM
  • Wow that's a big field
    27-May-2017 11:58:42 AM
  • Good
    28-May-2017 14:39:46 PM
  • Love those landscapes
    28-May-2017 17:07:51 PM
  • Perfect 👌
    28-May-2017 21:01:39 PM
  • Perfect 👌
    28-May-2017 21:01:51 PM
  • Nice👌👌👌👌
    29-May-2017 12:02:46 PM
  • Eines Tages im teletubbiland
    29-May-2017 21:55:14 PM
  • One day on the teletubbie Land XD
    29-May-2017 21:55:51 PM
  • Wwwwwaaaaaaawwwww.......😀😀😀😀
    30-May-2017 08:28:23 AM
  • Wow!!!
    02-Jun-2017 02:42:30 AM
  • Woooooow !!!
    02-Jun-2017 16:52:48 PM
  • Perfect👍
    03-Jun-2017 03:40:57 AM
  • Este mundo es hermoso ❤️
    03-Jun-2017 23:29:10 PM
  • Wow
    07-Jun-2017 10:00:28 AM
  • Nice
    07-Jun-2017 18:54:05 PM
  • Oh My GOD
    14-Jun-2017 10:13:20 AM
  • 😉🙈🙉🙆
    15-Jun-2017 23:43:29 PM
  • Lindo, maravilhoso !!!!!
    15-Jun-2017 23:58:12 PM
  • Heaven??
    27-Jun-2017 03:37:59 AM
  • Cool
    04-Jul-2017 16:57:14 PM
  • Amazing 😍😍
    04-Jul-2017 17:33:26 PM
  • Looks so peaceful
    05-Jul-2017 02:54:51 AM
  • Softy all over
    08-Jul-2017 04:34:04 AM
  • نسیم خنکی که موهایت را تکان میدهد صدای من است بارها از تو میگذرد و تو او را نخواهی شناخت @s.nona19
    18-Jul-2017 21:23:05 PM
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