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    21-Apr-2017 10:34:33 AM
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Photo by @CristinaMittermeier, working in the newly-protected Lancaster Sound Marine Conservation Area. A polar bear rolls around in the snow to dry its fur off after a swim. Watching this bear rolling around, I was amazed by the size of its paws. Larger than dinner plates, they are designed to travel over snow and ice. Polar bears are so well insulated they must release excess heat through areas where fur is absent or blood vessels are close to the skin, like muzzle, nose, ears, and those black footpads. * You can see more images from this beautiful new protected area in my #instagram feed at @CristinaMittermeier. * With @paulnicklen | @natgeopristineseas | @SeaLegacy | @NatGeoCreative | #bear | #polar | #wildlife | #animals | #nature
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my caption explains the crazy lady situation if u dont wanna read it here is a cat wow a lot of ppl have been asking me about the crazy lady so heres what i can say; shes been harassing my family and i for a while by claiming absurd things like im in danger or got kidnapped etc.. she comes to my school, house or work she even contacted my principal. we've been trying to do stuff about it but the justice system is whack and restraining orders dont last forever. im sorry for writing these as my captions but it kinda helps me and gives me a place for my thoughts sorry if i upset ppl hopefully me testifying ends this mess again sorry for all of this i shouldnt have talked about it on here, anyways here a cat in a box to lighten ur day ~ · #funny #animals #dog #cat #tumblr #textposts #tumblrtextpost #lol
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