Ülevus ( @ulevus) is a Brazilian brand on a mission to make gender equality more widespread. Paola Penna met her co-founder and girlfriend Larissa Rodrigues while in college. “We were already indignant with what the fashion industry had to offer us, so we decided to create a brand without gender division that could withstand the demand of young consumers like us who were tired of stereotypes,” says Paola, who’s now 22 and lives in São Paulo. “On October 12, 2014, we opened a store for online shopping. Since that time, we have been applying the concept of not having a gender division in our clothes.” Paola and Larissa stay motivated knowing they provide an open, inclusive and stylish destination for shoppers. “We want to make the place where we live a more egalitarian place even with our differences,” says Paola, “which in the end, make us all human.” Watch our Instagram story to learn more about Ülevus. Photo by @ulevus

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    09-Jul-2017 12:43:15 PM
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