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Coffee just tastes better when you drink it outside — especially in the early morning light of Valencia, Spain. ☕️ #WHPgoodmorning Photo by @andrescarrionbaz

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Mahalo from "the Vault" at DISNEY's R&D facilities. Figured the best way to make an excellent #JungleCruise movie was to fully immerse myself in the rich history and culture of DISNEY. Big shout to the Imagineers for pulling out all the original #JungleCruise concept art from the 1950's for me and oral/visual history lesson behind the iconic ride and it's infamous and relentlessly entertaining "Skippers". Fascinating to understand Walt Disney's early idea for the #JungleCruise ride, which from the 1950's concept art behind me, was original titled JUNGLE RIVER and meant to be enjoyed with LIVE ANIMALS at Animal Kingdom. Which as we all know, animals that live in and near an African river ain't playin' that game. 😂🦍 #JungleCruise will mark my fourth collaboration with the company and potential to be the best one of all of them. Shout to my buds Sean Bailey, Alan Horn and Bob Iger for being great partners. Kristin Burr you're a rockstar. Thanks again team and see everyone down the road. This'll be a fun one. #GreatestAdventureEver #JungleCruise
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