Coffee just tastes better when you drink it outside — especially in the early morning light of Valencia, Spain. ☕️ #WHPgoodmorning Photo by @andrescarrionbaz

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QOTD: Have you ever been in a school play? 🎭 . { @forevermaddy_ @hpfashion934 }
U know when people post motivational quotes under gym pics/sexy shots & u think to urself "while I like ur big butt, how does this caption about perseverance & being kind have anything to do w/ being at the gym or smizing at the beach? except maybe the literal persevering thru sweat & pain? Being kind by not taking up time on the machines for too long or picking up garbage littered on the sand? (plz do that by the way if the opportunity arises #savetheseaturtles lol I digress)" Well Im about to post one of those. Sort of. See im at my parents place in Phoenix for a few days & today I decided to lay out/soak up some sun & relax with my doggos outside. & it may be 107 degrees outside but it is the PERFECT day. & I think to myself "damn it would be so easy to have my life be like this all the time. I could move back home & lay in the sun & feel like im in HS again on summer break-just enjoying life." But then I think about all the CRAZY aspirations I have & everything I want to accomplish out in LA. & I just can't take that easy escape! I have too much ambition. Too many dreams to bring to fruition. I want to be a dancer & a teacher & a choreographer. I'm on my way to those things but I yearn for more. I want to be a poet & publish books of my work. I want to write honest feelings that make others feel some type of way. Connect people. Make people feel less alone. I want to be an actress. U know how many people I've told about that? Almost no one outside of my small but tight acting community & maybe over a handful of friends. I've been going to classes & taking workshops & performing in showcases but I've been shy about telling you all on here because it's scary to admit these "pipe dreams" & say it out loud. But I'm saying it to u now! Because Im more than willing to put in the hard work to make all of these dreams happen. Because it's WORTH the struggle. It's WORTH the "failure" and rejection. It's worth it because our dreams are VALID & a life where u take the easy way out isn't a life fulfilled. It isn't a life of purpose. So while I'm enjoying AZ sun today, Im posting this saucy pic & encouraging u (& me!) to never stop grinding/pushing for our dreams ✨💛
Hey everyone, have a great day, another step closer to the summer! Qotd - On a scale of 1-10, how excited are you for the summer? Carina Mae x Fc - 87.5k @maelovesbooks @carinapotter
| 28th of june, 20:52 | I just realised I posted the same photo twice and I have officially given up on trying to see if I posted the same thing
#bookishthisorthat Day 29: Insta-love or Love Triangle 💖 • So honestly this was just a pink and purple appreciation post because they're pretty colours, but it also totally works for today's prompt because The Sun is Also a Star is a perfect example of how to correctly do insta-love 💜 The story takes place over a day but it manages to make the romance between Natasha and Daniel seem completely organic and well-developed despite the short period of time they have together. If you're looking for a sweet little contemporary to speed through, I'd highly recommend it! If anyone has other lighthearted and cute contemporary recs I'd love to hear them! 💗 • • #bookstagram #bookstagramfeature #bookish #bookishfeatures #bookworm #booknerdigans #booknerd #booklove #booklover #booklovers #bookaholic #bookaddict #bookporn #bookphotography #bibliophile #books #book #yalit #epicreads #igbooks #thesunisalsoastar #aliceinwonderland #theselection #wayfarer #read #reader #reading
Don't give up hope, don't. An excerpt from This Is What Real Love Feels Like. • #sylvestermcnutt
1 (!) Jahr Instagram! 1 Jahr "literarischerNerd"! Was für ein Ritt, was für ein Abenteuer! Ich kann es immer noch nicht richtig fassen, dass ich (bzw. mein Feed) nun seit genau einem Jahr Teil dieser wunderbaren Bookstagram Community bin (ist) -Ich möchte den Geburtstag als Chance nutzen, Euch allen zu Danken – Danken für soviel Liebe, Wertschätzung und Empathie, die Ihr mir entgegenbringt - danken dafür, dass Ihr DA seid, dass Ihr liked, dass Ihr kommentiert, dass Ihr mich so nett aufgenommen habt, dass Ihr mir so viele nette Nachrichten/Postkarten/Geschenke zukommen lasst – dass Ihr mir und meinem Urteil vertraut (oder vllt auch mal misstraut 😉). Und für mich da seid. Without you, it wouldn´t be the same. Leider kann ich mittlerweile nicht mehr allen zurückfolgen, ich schaffe es sonst einfach nicht mehr, allen die gerechte Aufmerksamkeit zukommen zu lassen.  Heute Abend werde ich ein großes Gewinnspiel veranstalten –ihr alle seid herzlich dazu aufgerufen, mitzumachen! Die erste kleine Belohnung wird es jetzt schon geben: die ersten 30 (!), die dieses Bild kommentieren, erhalten eine tolle #aliceinwonderland Postkarte von mir – versehen mit einer persönlichen Buchempfehlung des literarischen Nerds (die sich anhand eures Feeds orientieren wird)😊 Persönlich danken möchte ich hier der unvergleichlichen @murmeltier_reads, die mich sehr inspiriert hat, was das spätere Gewinnspiel angeht ! Ich würde gerne noch so vielen von Euch persönlich danken, ich möchte so viele von Euch einfach nicht mehr missen... -aber dafür wird der Platz einfach nicht ausreichen – ich denke aber, viele werden sich jetzt angesprochen fühlen, und ich kann nur sagen: Ja, genau DICH meine ich! Fühlt Euch alle herzlich gedrückt! 😍😊🎉🤗🤗🤗 #derliterarischenerdhatinstageburtstag #igreads #bookishfeatures #bookphotography #love #book #books #bookstagram #bookporn #follow #like #buchnerd #reader #literature #instareads #classic #bookstagrammer #bookish #bibliophile #bookstore #me #picoftheday #gaycute #manbun #instagay #gaygermany #gayguy #spreadlove
i freaking love my flower corner bookmarks by @thepenguinco 💕 theyre actually currently having arep search, so go check them out and give them an entry! theyre seriously the sweetest and their bookmarks are such high quality 😊 • what do you normally use for bookmarks? mine usually end up being receipts or hairthings 😂 •
How I feel when my new books come in the mail. 💃🏽📦📭 #HappyDance #Books #Read
i'll be home in a matter of hours and will be answering your DMs tomorrow
Всем привет!✨ Сегодня четверг, а это значит пришло время #счастливыйчетверг_с_bm где мы каждую неделю дарим вам подарки! 🎁 Сегодня это будет книга Джона Бойна - Мальчик в полосатой пижаме 🎁 Правила таковы: 1. Быть подписанными на @bookmoments_ 2. Сделать скрин этой фотографии и выложить себе в сторис с активной ссылкой на @bookmoments_ и фразой "Хочу подарок". Не забудьте открыть профиль на время розыгрыша. 3. Написать в комментарии свой порядковый номер (будьте внимательны чтобы номер не повторялся). Итоги подведу завтра утром с помощью генератора случайных чисел. (И выложу в Сторис) Бесплатно доставим подарок по России в кратчайшие сроки🎁 или за ваш счёт в любую точку мира🌋 Всем Удачи!💥 #bookmoments
Dzień dobry kochani 😀 To będzie cudny dzień. Nasz dzień. Zwykły a taki niezwyczajny. Zamierzam dziś zjeść szybkie śniadanie, ( przy dwójce dzieci przestałam łudzić się, że da się inaczej 😂), potem będę bawiła się lalkami, samochodami, malowała kredą po tablicy, będę ciocią Adą, małą Julką lub smokiem wawelskim - kimkolwiek Hela będzie chciała. Będę czytała im książki, bujała na huśtawce, pływała z nimi w basenie. Będę pocieszała po upadkach, dopingowała w nowych wyzwaniach, przytulała przy każdej nadarzającej się okazji, a także skradała buziaki, kiedy się tylko da. Będę też dawała jeść, pić, będę pomagała we wszystkim, o co poproszą. Później zjemy razem obiad, pójdziemy na spacer. Jak wrócimy to Hela pójdzie na zajęcia, Martin skończy pracę, by przejąć Hanię, a ja... usiądę by trochę popracować. I wiecie co? Tak bardzo cieszę się i doceniam, że mam dla kogo to wszystko robić. To będzie cudowny dzień. Twój też może taki być, uwierz w to ❤ . . . . #books #read #socialenvy #wearabletherapy #reading #reader #page #paper #instagood #author #bestoftheday #bookworm #readinglist #love #photooftheday #imagine #plot #climax #story #literate #stories #words #text #hashtaggedapp # goodmorning #morning #inspodaily #lookslikefilm #kinfolk #familygoals
You can now buy THIS BOOK directly from my website for ONLY $9! You can also buy both of my books in a bundle for ONLY $16! Everything ships worldwide 🌎🌎 The link is in my bio 😁😁 • • • • • #Poetry #poet #art #poets #poetsofig #prose #poem #love #life #motivation #motivationalquotes #instaquote #writing #romance #living #poetryporn #writersofig #quote #quotestoliveby #book #books #reading #man #woman #quotes #spiritual #spiritualquotes #spirituality #thought
This week we're celebrating Independent Bookshop Week in the UK. Tell us - what was the last book you bought from an independent bookshop?
Good morning guys! What are you all currently reading? Enjoying it? I'm down to the last book in the Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy. I just started reading it last night and I am excited to see how everything will turn out. I'm still rooting for Karou and Akiva to end up together. *fingers crossed* NO SPOILERS PLEASE. Wishing everyone a great day! 💖
Ei VOCÊ, é você mesmo!! Esta foto é para um SORTEIO! #rumoaos30k Os PRÊMIOS são: . 1o Lugar: 1 voucher R$500,00 (Quientos Reais) em compras nas Lojas Renner (Qualquer lugar do Brasil), um CD Book com 12 fotos com meu fotografo Babadeiro @kevinoux e a Make up com minha maquiadora predileta @porbiamonteiro. . 2o Lugar: Um voucher de R$250,00 (Duzentos e Cinquenta Reais) em compras nas Lojas Renner de todo Brasil. . P.S.: Como o sorteio será NACIONAL, se o 1o VENCEDOR NÃO FOR de Salvador, teremos um 3o vencedor ou vencedora!Sendo que, o segundo vencedor escolhe entre um dos dois prêmios (voucher ou Make e book), passando pra o terceiro o outro prêmio. . REGRAS DO SORTEIO: 1-seguir nossos perfis; 2- indicar três amigas que vcs acham que se identificariam com meu perfil; 3- os perfis tem que ser ativos e reais. Não vale perfil fake, nem de lojas ou empresas; 4-O sorteio do 3o perfil (se houver), será por engajamento,ou seja, curtam e comentem nas fotos da nega aqui😁 5- Rezar pra a Santa dos Sorteios e boa sorte! Rs O SORTEIO VAI SER REALIZADO QUANDO EU FIZER 30k. QUANTO MAIS VCS ME INDICAREM... MAIS RÁPIDO O PRÊMIO SAI👏🏾🙏🏾
Hidayah itu milik Allah swt , Kita tidak punya kuasa mahupun hak setitik pun utk menidakkan ttg siapa yg akan Allah swt hadirkan hidayah dan petunjuk. . @shareilmu_ @shareilmu_ @shareilmu_ . . Kontribusi : @cikkepaa @sharemanfaat_ . . Ayo tag sahabatmu 💕😊 . . . #muhasabahdirisendiri #hijab #hijaber #hijabers #hijabersindonesia #niqab #niqabis #niqabista #pp #ppmurah #paidpromote #paidpromotemurah #jilbab #kerudung #khimar #burqa #tudung #books #endorse #endorsement #endorsemurah #paytren #santriwati #muslimah
So awesome, right?! 😃 #instastadtbibliothek #enjoystuttgart
Доброе утро, мои дорогие. А мы снова ввели традицию долгих прогулок перед сном. И пусть режим укладывания детей сместился на более поздний час, зато быстро засыпают и спят всю ночь😁😁 Поэтому все книги теперь читать будем днем. Новинка на домашней полке— книга «Во мгле времен» автор - биолог Сергей Афонькин и иллюстратор Никита Андреев. Текста в книге достаточно, но читается легко. Иллюстраций в книге много, есть даже целые развороты без текста. Кстати, снова захотелось сходить в Палеонтологический музей😉😉😉 ✅Книга в твердой обложке, формата больше, чем привычный стандартный. ✅Впервые была издана в 1994 году. Рассказывает как появилась наша планета м жизнь на ней. ✅В книге 5 глав: 1.Рождённые в море 2. Штурм суши  3. Сухопутные гиганты  4. Штурм неба  5. Снова в море Рекомендую на возраст от 5—6 лет. Конечно же для тех детей, кому эта тема интересна. ✅Издательство @kachellybook 👍👍👍, 2017 год ° ° ° Посоветуйте и вы мне какие нибудь классные книги на тему динозавров??? Или расскажите, что сейчас в интересах у ваших детей.
Have you watched 'Hidden figures'?, highly highly recommend if you haven't, so good// Давно не рекомендовала фильмы: "Скрытые фигуры", просто отличный, очень-очень советую, если не смотрели.Если смотрели, понравился?Что сейчас читаю? Сегодня начала читать книгу, которую написала преподаватель нашего факультета, очень захватила, а вы когда-нибудь читали книги, написанные кем-то, кого вы знали лично?У меня это уже вторая, первая (о системе американского школьного образования) была написана братом моего дедушки (это двоюродный дедушка??).
Writers, wannabe authors; your attention please. Here is one amazing book which tells you everything you need to know about the writing process and the publishing industry. If you dream of being a published author one day, THIS is the book you need to get. I loved Kissing the Demon by Amrita Kumar, who has four decades of experience in the industry. It is written like a series of lectures on different topics related to writing and publishing a book. - - The book talks about how to start with an idea, plotting, dialogue, narration and then goes on about what you should take care of before signing a contract, the loopholes in contract that can trick you, the division of profits; basically EVERYTHING you need to know about the industry whether you are new to it or familiar with it. - - I highly recommend the book. It is like taking a crash course in a writing plus publishing workshop. Thank you @harpercollinsin for this amazing read. - - Check link in bio to read more about the book - - Any books on writing that you have loved? . . . #books #breakfast #coffee #toast #breakfastlover
Am terminat toate cărțile 🦋Fluturi🦋 Aleluia! Nu mă așteptam să dau atât de repede paginile și să sar peste paragrafe întregi, but this happened!🙈 Sincer, cărțile acestea sunt potrivite pentru fetele care sunt prin clasa a 7-a, a 8-a și visează la o poveste de dragoste cu mult du-te-vino 😅 Dar în rest, chiar mă întreb cum naiba să scrii o carte cu un limbaj atât de simplist?? Până și Suge-o Andrei e mai elevată decât aceste cărți de Irina Binder...🙈 Asta e părerea mea... 😂 Sorry, not sorry! #fluturi #ceammaicitit #books
'It is important to fight and fight again, and keep fighting, for only then can evil be kept at bay though never quite eradicated.' - #welcometohogwarts {Albus Dumbledore - Headmaster of Hogwarts} • Es gibt so unglaublich viele großartige Zitate aus dem Harry Potter Universum. Im Grunde könnte man die komplette Reihe durchweg zitieren. Dumbledore und diese Welt haben uns so viel gelehrt. Ich finde Dumbledore ist der beste Schulleiter überhaupt. 😍 Früher war ich immer der Überzeugung J.K. Rowling hat das wirklich alles irgendwie miterlebt, es niedergeschrieben und es als Fiktion verkauft, da diese ganzen Charaktere so komplex und echt sind. Für mich sind sie es. Und wenn ich ehrlich bin, glaube ich da immer noch gerne dran ⚡️ - Seht ihr diese süßen kleinen Tränke Notizzettel? Die waren in der 'Elementalists' @fairyloot Box. 😭 Die sind so originell, ich liebe sie! 😍 ••••••• ••••••• There are so much incredible quotes in the Harry Potter universe. Basically you could quote the whole series throughout. Dumbledore and this world have taught us so much. I find Dumbledore is the best headmaster ever. 😍 When I was younger I believed J.K. Rowling somehow have really witnessed that all, wrote it down, and sold it as fiction because all the characters were so complex and real. For me they are. And to be true I still quite believe it ⚡️ - You see this cute little potion sticky notes? They were in the 'Elementalists' Box from @fairyloot. 😭 They're so inventive, I love them! 😍 • • • #fairyloot #bookbox #bookishbox #subscriptionbox #harrypotter #jkrowling #potterhead #jimkay #chaptertwentyfive #carlsen #book #bücher #books #bookstagram #instabook #lesen #read #reading #reader #bücherliebe #ilovebooks #ilovereading #booklover #booklove #bookaddict #bookish #bibliophile #lovebooks #bookgeek
A #library #full of #books about how beautiful #someone can be #is #also #less in #front of #her #beauty @rachana_bhojwani
The Crown's Fate was one of the books that I finished this past weekend and sadly, I have to say I was a bit disappointed 🙈 👑 It lacked a lot of the magic that I adored in the first book. Not to mention the kind and gentle nature of Nikolai was MIA this entire book... and the romance too. Maybe it was just me 🤷🏻‍♀️ but I really did love The Crown's Game! 👑 Anddd the covers are still beautiful! I love this bookmark by @readandwonder_ 😊 grab your own and use code LAUGH10 for 10% off
"Gece yıldızlara bakarsın. Benim ülkem o kadar küçük ki nerede olduğunu göremezsin bakınca. Ama böylesi daha iyi. Yıldızım herhangi bir yıldız olacak senin için. Böylece bütün yıldızları gözlemeyi seveceksin. Hepsi dostun olacak.” #AntoineDeSaintExupéry / #KüçükPrens (Çeviren: Tomris Uyar & Cemal Süreya) #TomrisUyar #CemalSüreya #canyayinlari #kitap #kitaplar #kitapkokusu #kitaptavsiyesi #book #books #instabook #read #reader #readinglist
The smallest, heaviest, oldest, and smelliest #books in our #library - the latest blog by research library Martin Lewis has all the answers.