Getting weird looks from people on the street but who cares!?

  • Me everytime that song comes on
    28-Mar-2017 06:26:20 AM
  • Thanks for getting me obsessed with this song 😂❤
    29-Mar-2017 14:23:01 PM
  • Can we both marry him? @cowbundles
    30-Mar-2017 03:07:37 AM
  • Forgot he had somewhere to live
    30-Mar-2017 05:49:18 AM
  • Love is like a bomb! :D
    30-Mar-2017 19:57:41 PM
  • Thank you @brian3.141592
    31-Mar-2017 20:30:35 PM
  • Awwww dan
    02-Apr-2017 19:07:10 PM
  • My ovaries...
    02-Apr-2017 23:28:45 PM
  • Haha this is about normal behavior for me
    03-Apr-2017 15:54:19 PM
  • Sometimes i forget you're an adult. :P
    09-Apr-2017 13:36:20 PM
  • I have watched this so many times. I wish he had a musically
    10-Apr-2017 01:32:16 AM
  • OMG YES!
    10-Apr-2017 04:02:33 AM
  • Possibly my favorite song from Random Access Memories by Daft Punk!
    10-Apr-2017 04:03:30 AM
  • Omg I never heard this song until now. Can't get enough
    10-Apr-2017 16:06:00 PM
  • Ever since you posted this video I have not been able to get this song out of my head.
    11-Apr-2017 00:29:32 AM
  • OMG I haven't heard this song in such a looooong aaasssss tiiiiiime
    11-Apr-2017 01:24:04 AM
  • 11-Apr-2017 23:43:12 PM
  • @oscarvvilde I WILL CRY
    11-Apr-2017 23:48:53 PM
  • Wait... Dan knows how to drive?
    15-Apr-2017 03:57:15 AM
  • I hate you sometimes. It hurts me that we can't hang out and cuddle.
    18-Apr-2017 11:24:54 AM
  • This is why I love you 😂😍😍
    19-Apr-2017 00:43:40 AM
  • Literally going to be me when i get my car, but i love like CLASSIC rock.. that magic jus gets me goin !
    20-Apr-2017 03:32:23 AM
  • What's the song I'm I love it
    20-Apr-2017 15:41:02 PM
    27-Apr-2017 04:26:59 AM
  • My only true love in music...
    27-Apr-2017 04:27:07 AM
  • has got NOTHING on Dan😆👍
    29-Apr-2017 02:46:59 AM
  • Hah it's ironic cause Danny was an instant crush for me (the song name is Instant Crush by Daft Punk for yall who don't know)
    01-May-2017 19:00:15 PM
  • 💜💜💜 if you did a cover of this song my life would be complete
    04-May-2017 03:34:13 AM
  • I love that song
    04-May-2017 22:30:16 PM
  • Danny you are so cute
    05-May-2017 19:40:01 PM
  • I love you hon
    05-May-2017 19:40:04 PM
  • What song is that im likeing it
    08-May-2017 20:24:53 PM
  • God. My ovaries exploded. Danny lipsingind my fav jam. Too much for my fertility u kno?
    10-May-2017 03:43:10 AM
  • You've made me like this song more which I didn't think was possible until now. Thank you Danny
    16-May-2017 04:33:58 AM
    07-Jun-2017 19:27:19 PM
  • DAFT PUNK!!!
    08-Jun-2017 02:49:57 AM
  • Tell me WHY this is sexy?!?!?
    13-Jun-2017 04:53:13 AM
  • Instant Crush by Daft Punk (ft. Julian Casablancas)
    16-Jun-2017 12:06:15 PM
  • hey so i know this sounds weird but thank you for posting this. this song has turned into the song that i listen to to get through panic attacks. 💖 i love you, danny
    17-Jun-2017 06:08:49 AM
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