Almost home and I couldn't be more excited. After some flight confusion in Medellin left me stranded at the airport, 24 hours later, I'm so close to Denver where my ❀️ waits for me. As much as I miss these beautiful doors and colorful casas I cannot wait to be back with my person. See you soon Benny boy! @higgins.ben

  • Cool
    21-Mar-2017 20:52:10 PM
  • Almost $400 for what is basically a maxi dress 😫 no thanks
    21-Mar-2017 21:07:59 PM
  • @kpatel1027 ummmm someone stole project doors!!!!
    21-Mar-2017 21:24:38 PM
  • Are you okay? I saw your story!
    21-Mar-2017 21:40:13 PM
  • @mandaiscute why what happened to her
    22-Mar-2017 12:32:24 PM
  • Grind
    22-Mar-2017 13:59:28 PM
  • 22-Mar-2017 23:47:05 PM
  • Pretty - but way too skinny.
    23-Mar-2017 13:19:11 PM
  • Weiter so! :)
    23-Mar-2017 14:17:29 PM
  • caption 😍 @jessika.marie
    23-Mar-2017 16:31:10 PM
  • Girl you are hot! You are not too skinny- own it!
    23-Mar-2017 18:32:01 PM
  • Love the wedges 😍
    24-Mar-2017 01:32:51 AM
  • Not at all she takes care of her self it's common to look that thin until she hits Menapause
    24-Mar-2017 04:11:31 AM
  • Omg 😍 @natalieryannn
    24-Mar-2017 17:06:24 PM
  • Schickes Bild, weiter so! πŸ‘
    26-Mar-2017 00:30:30 AM
  • He has a special disability
    28-Mar-2017 00:02:49 AM
  • @josiesaldat I am still obsessed with her
    28-Mar-2017 17:27:40 PM
  • @misscrystalrosee "Benny boy"πŸ˜‚
    31-Mar-2017 03:22:33 AM
  • @katiedenti benny boooo hahaha
    31-Mar-2017 09:44:40 AM
  • I love that outfit!
    31-Mar-2017 15:30:03 PM
  • Where are your heels from?
    03-Apr-2017 16:49:59 PM
  • Her things are from not cheap things though
    06-Apr-2017 04:09:59 AM
  • Your so gorgeous! I love you and Ben together! Just wish your wedding would be televised!
    17-Apr-2017 04:28:29 AM
  • @laurenbushnell is it still posted?? I love this outfit! Want details :)
    26-Apr-2017 18:01:54 PM
  • Lauren so sorry u deserve one who loves only you
    17-May-2017 00:23:20 AM
  • You look stunning!!
    28-May-2017 06:52:36 AM
  • Please tell me where you got those wedges @laurenbushnell
    29-May-2017 01:47:06 AM
  • Wendy has no idea what she's talking about.. her legs are fab 😘
    29-May-2017 19:24:46 PM
  • @laurenbushnell where are those wedges from? Obsessed w them
    02-Jun-2017 14:53:27 PM
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