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This is what 10 hrs of sleep and an extra 8 lbs of hair looks like. Got any tips for removing dreadlocks, @rachellelefevre? 😬
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Answered prayers 🙏🏼 thank you to these 3 (plus @ltkrieger & @vdoozer & Liza) for believing in me, trusting me and pushing me to be my best in one of my favorite roles I've ever tackled. Grateful to know and work alongside you! (Even when we are delirious at 4 am)
The power of prayer - Muslim women hold hands and form a love circle of prayer at the Westminster bridge in honor of the victims and their families - #SpreadloveAndLightAlways I just love this!!!!!
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Lilian Martinez’s ( @bfgf) playful tapestries aren’t just modern-day, digitally printed cave drawings — they do double duty as throw blankets you can wrap up in or picnic on. “Art wasn’t very prominent in my childhood. My main interests were eating snacks and watching TV,” says the Los Angeles-based artist behind the unisex art brand BFGF (Boyfren Girlfren). While she does paint canvases and show in galleries, things took off when she removed her art from the wall and transferred it onto fun, functional home goods and clothes like pillows, rugs and sweatshirts. Lilian does love famous artists like Paul Cézanne and Henry Moore, but she’s just as inspired by a good Stilton cheese and some fruit as she is by sculptures. “Art is everywhere,” says Lilian. “Take time to explore. It will make you feel good!” #MadeToCreate Photo by @bfgf
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Just found out from @marvelstudios we're coming in under budget on #GotGVol2. Since I want to stay there, I'm gonna replace CGI Rocket with this one for the last couple shots. Hope no one notices. And thanks for this, @originalfunko!
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