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Mirror mirror on the wall... #reflections
Panoramas, just pretty panoramas....till she walks in making them spectacular 💙💙 ✨ I clicked this photograph on the way to sunny and kinda warm Interlaken. For those of you who asked, we had the best time driving around Switzerland this time (rented our car at @economybookingscom , as always!). I would definitely recommend getting a car with snow tyres this time of year 🚙 🚗 ✨ ✨ #bruisedpassports #roadtrip #switzerland #travel
Alfalfa vibes ⚡️⚡️
Bowie by @kobrastreetart from up high over NYC with @flynyon 👨‍🎤🚁
📷 @jacob.fischer | “L.A. is the place where I leave my heart when it’s time to come back home.” - Jaime Arias 💥 What is L.A. to you? Share your story for a chance to be featured. #discoverLA
"...I just pose a threat, blame Lenny S. for that." • @kodaklens's & I's relationship summed up in one picture... him always putting me on the spot, and me always having to rise to the occasion lol • fyi, I created a FIRE art piece that day so thanks for doubting me Lenny! Lol • 📷 @thedonlikecheadle
از آن دسته از آدمهایی باش که پس از شنیدن" آری، خوبم"، از کسی دوباره میپرسد "خوبی؟ "، چرا که چهره آنها چیز دیگری میگفته است. از آن آدمهایی باش که بی آنکه انتظار جواب لبخند دیدن داشته باشند، به دیگران لبخند میزند. مانند همان آدمی باش که زمانی که احساس نیاز میکردی، آرزو داشتی کنارت باشد. همانی که شجاعت تنها ایستادن در جمع را برای اثبات حقیقت داشته باشد. اینچنینی باش، چرا که دنیای امروز ما بیش از پیش نیازمند چنین قهرمان هایی است. چرا که چنین انسانهایی از کمیابترین الماسها، کمیابترند. Be the kind of person who isn't afraid to ask someone if they are okay twice if they say they are, but look like they aren't. Be the kind of person who smiles at people even if they don't smile back. Be the kind of person who wished for when no one was there for you. Be the kind of person who is brave enough to stand alone in a crowd for what is right. Be that person because we need more people like that in the world. Be that person because people like that are rarer than the rarest diamonds. - Beau Taplin . #کرمانشاه