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I am a Brazilian photographer and this is my diary | Pictures on my insta feed are 100% iPhone made |

And I finish with the one I started, Mo'ne Davis, the first girl to pitch a shutout and win a game in a Little League World Series. Davis is the youngest of FIRSTS project. You can see the whole project with great multimidia content made by @dianetsai_ and @spencerbakalar The link is on my bio ↑ It has been an enriching experience sharing with you all the portraits. Thanks !!! #sheisthefirst @time
Cindy Sherman is the first woman to break $1 million in a photography sale . "Of course we're all feminists, right? We all want woman to be seen as equals" #sheisthefirst @time
Carla Hayden is the first woman and first African American to be Librarian of Congress . "Eight-five percent of the library workforce is female but men are in most directorships" @time #sheisthefirst
For the ones asking about my editing software, I’m using Snapseed, a free app from Google. The phone is an iphone 7plus. And nope, I’m not being paid by Apple. Tools are just a medium. They help in the process, but they don’t create. What makes the difference is the one holding the tool, and the relation she/he establishes with photography, as a medium, and not as a finality. A debate around the technicalities, keeps you away from the real experience. There will be always apocalyptic and integrated people; one complaining about the old good times when everybody was shooting Daguerrotypes, the others enjoying the ride, sublimating life trough photography, with whatever tool is available. Thanks to absolutely all of you for your wonderful comments, they are essential to keep going. Obrigada! . (Behind the scenes with. Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley).
Kellyanne Conway is the first woman to run a winning presidential campaign "I was taught to be very strong, independent and freethinking woman without ever hearing the words feminist or Republican or liberal. #sheisthefirst @time
Madeleine Albright  is the first woman to become U.S Secretary of State “There is plenty of room in the world for mediocre men, but there is no room for mediocre women.” #sheisthefirst @time
The best part of this dream assignment was to meet in person all the living icons. And experience first hand how humble and human they are, just like most of us. @oprah #oprah #sheisthefirst @time
Rita Dove is the first black U.S poet laureate " Raising hackles means you're not being ignored; you're pushing the conversation forward." #sheisthefirst @time
Michelle Phan is first the woman to build a $500 million company from a web series #sheisthefirst @time
Candis Cayne is the first transgender woman with a major role on prime-time TV . "I realized that if I was going to perform and transition, I had to do in front of an audience." #sheisthefirst @time
Melinda Gates is the first woman to give away more than $40 billion . "The plight of women was a rallying call I couldn't turn away from" #sheisthefirst @time
Kathryn Sullivan is the first American woman to walk in space. #sheisthefirst @time
The BEST team! @dianetsai_ @spencerbakalar 💕
Aretha Franklin is the first woman to be included into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I grew up listening to her music, meeting her was like connecting several parallel universes at once. After the shoot at her dads church in Detroit, she sang for @time. We were only ten lucky people, listening to what might have been her very last performance. You might see  this exceptional performance at
Patricia Bath has been the “first” in many ways; the first person to perform laserphaco cataract surgery and the first African-American female doctor to receive a medical patent. “I wasn’t seeking to be first. I was just doing my thing, and I wanted to serve humanity.” @time #sheisthefirst
Danica Patrick ( @danicapatrick) has been racing Indy cars for 12 years. During that time she learned in a “crash-course style” how to protect herself and “deal with the real world.” Now, the first woman to lead in the Indianapolis 500 and the Daytona 500, her success has also been a journey of self-discovery. “It’s not all kittens and rainbows,” @time #sheisthefirst
Nancy Pelosi ( @nancypelosi) is the first woman speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives. She broke what she calls the “marble ceiling” but as a mother-of-five she constantly faced criticism about whether she was up to the job. “Running for office as a woman is hard, because people trivialize everything that a woman has done,” #sheisthefirst @time
Rita moreno is the first latina to win an Emmy, a Grammy, and Oscar and a Tony. #sheisthefirst @time
Eileen Collins is the first woman to command a space shuttle. #sheisthefirst @time
Selena Gomez ( @selenagomez) is a trailblazer and a tastemaker and the most followed person on Instagram. #sheisthefirst @time