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Gimme a slice 🍕😍 [📷: @davidwma] #lovefood
Volcano Cake Level: Expert 🌋🎂💯 [🎥: @nawarsbakery] #lovefood
Tag a burrito fan 😍😍
French Toast with strawberries, banana and maple syrup 🍓🍌🍯 [📷: @forkinpancakes] #lovefood
Wait for it.... 😍 Chocolate volcano cake 🍫🎂 [🎥: @docequesejadoce] #lovefood
Extra Cheeeeesy Mac n' Cheese Pops with Tomato herb dipping sauce 🧀🧀🧀 [🎥: @thenaughtyfork] #lovefood
Waffle sticks in Copenhagen! 🇩🇰😍 Milk chocolate with sprinkles, dark chocolate with coconut and milk chocolate with peanuts! [📷: @foodwithmichel] #lovefood
The perfect summer treat! ❤️💛💙💚💙 [🎥: @sherriesavorsthecity] #lovefood
A cafe in Hanoi, Vietnam has been making "egg coffee" since 1994 and it's blowing our minds 😮 [📷 @Madeleine.penfold]
Strawberry Supreme 🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓22 scoops of ice cream 😱🍦 [🎥: @varuniias] Tag a friend who could eat this! #lovefood
OMG I NEED this chocolate cake 🍫🍰😋 [🎥: @chefdobrownie] #lovefood
Check out @lovedrinks 😍 Nerds Candy Shake 🍭🍬 [📷: @barlucasydney] #lovefood
Nothing better 🍔🍔 [📷: @tomsbigeats] #lovefood
Taking it out for a spin 🍝😋 | Cacio e Pepe, Tonnarelli, Sheep's Milk Cheese, Black Pepper, Olive Oil [📷: @thechewreview]
Chocolate Brownie Heaven 🤤🍫 😍 Brownies topped with Oreo vanilla ice cream, bathed in Nutella and dusted with cocoa [🎥: @succulentbite] #lovefood
Taco Tuesday! 🌮🌮🌮 [📷: @ryusauce] #lovefood
What an absolute feast 😍 tag a friend who'd eat all of this
Healthy start to your week 🍓🍓🍓 [📷: @deliciousmartha] #lovefood
Parmigiano wheel 😍🧀😍🧀😍🧀 [🎥: @thatsamorecheese] #lovefood
INSANE Chocolate Cake 🍫🎂😱 [🎥: @tchellapatisserie] #lovefood