⠀Lory 💋

⠀Lory 💋 @lorenamegna


“1000 shades of my soul” 🌈
#Rainbowns 🌈💙
Il vento padroneggiava lei, e lei padroneggiava il vento🦋💐💛 #Pocahontas
Life for my eyes.
Time Travel ⏱✈️
Stopped the world.
«Mi piacciono i tuoi occhi. C'è dentro il mio lieto fine.»
And it's with my own eyes that i dominate...🌺
Nothing is impossible, It's just less possible. ⏱
Jungle into my mind! 🌿
You Don't Own Me🌹
I know that you know it.
I have everything, except what i want.
Kiss my heart..👄 #lips
Sexy Shades Of Me..