Liza Koshy

Liza Koshy @lizakoshy

the calm before the storm. i'm in my bathroom.
i miss traveling and peeing in hotel pools
happy mother's day. it's not a phase, mom. it's worse... it's my career.
BUILDING new friendships hahahah i'm a quirky teen
i love you even when your toupé looks worse than donald's... when he's 6ft when his toupé flaps up 💦
buildings are pubes of the earth
calling my camel toe a "camel toe" isn't respectful enough to her so i call her my arabian princess
i was paid to be the diversity on this billboard. now there's proof to hollywood that i have friends! insane ones like @zane that get billboards instead of health insurance.. i'm so proud of you bb. ❤️
i don't know why everyone keeps staring at me... i know i have huge breasts, but i have a personality too
david had the cutest backpack at coachella
laughing at all the half naked girls at coachella.. this skirt kept me so warm
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