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i love fall because trees get naked. i love me some tree nudes
smiling because my knees look like the boobs i don't have • and smiling because you're clicking the link in my bio...
look at my baby girl... still dreaming anyways. #DefendDACA
the smile of a girl who took such a good dookie that she had to tell her mom she's a grandma now • click the link in my bio to check out my exclusive collection with @thegivingkeys! use code "LIZA"... it's key, lol.
me and my only friends • thank you to @seytorresart for drawing us way more handsome than we are.
oh hey revolution, me too
i know i have a boyfriend but i can't stop staring at my hot date to the VMA's tonight. thanks for looking so good next to me mommy. i'm jealous dad got dibs on you first. thanks to my @trl for letting me show her off! and thanks to @sergiohudson for making me look almost as good as my date.
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hey, stop staring at my package, pervert
this is the closest i've gotten to the shower all week
it would suck to get your period in here. | a little special something coming soon! no it's not a baby, that's a burrito i'm sucking in. TAKE THE PICTURE BECKY.
scratching my head (mostly my dandruff) over the fact that i no longer have to pay for a surfboard. honored to be this years teen choice female web star! thank you choosing teens, but this is exactly why they say teens make bad choices... yall know i'm not athletic enough to surf. but thank you. thank you for riding this wave with me, for your infinite support and for allowing me on that stage to represent all of you. the voices of every little brown girl, tall white girl, beautiful black girl, orange, purple, green, blue girls of all colors, shapes and sizes. winning this "female" award proves i'm a girl right!? well then it's a blessing to be considered a part of the same beautiful species as you. to my fellow phenomenal female nominees - i am constantly inspired by each of you, as i constantly stalk what you do. this award is yours. but you have to share it with my family, friends and the team behind all of this madness. i'm simply the face of so much love, creation and motivation that you don't see. their encouragement has given me the confidence to be unapologetic about who i am, and i encourage you to do the same. because apparently, if you do, you get a free surfboard. ❤️
i keep saying i have a boyfriend, but calvin keeps touching my boobs
nothing like a coffee and an apple to start my day
i would say i'm a water bender, but this pool is mostly my pee just kidding @palms, thank you for the stay, and for letting me swim while really, really high
happy 21st birthday to my legally drunk girlfriend. it's been 21 years since i laid my eyes on you and 18 years of incredible patience. i love you. @taolasvegas
tru but you can follow my mass honey
this says woman freedom... i can read spanish. pero like girl power mami. stick together like our cleavage ladies. (yours, mine doesn't exist)
i'm 2 years old today! i know i look 12... i'm mature for my age. but two years ago, this little boy uploaded his first youtube video. and now here he is: smiling uncontrollably because 10 million people have lost their minds... and found my subscribe button. thank you for accidentally clicking it. i truly am blessed you fell for it, and i'm so thankful you did. i wouldn't be living the life i do, if it wasn't for each of you. you support me, motivate me, and most of all, employ me lol... i have the best 14 year old bosses around! thank you for your positivity, your kindness, your support, your heart, your time, your subscription and your moms credit card. thank you for joining me on this adventure and being apart of this dream. thank you for inspiring me every day and thank you for treating me to dinner every night! i am so blessed to live in this age of technology and social media. in a crowd of 10 million, a little brown girl can't easily be seen, but now, she sure can be heard. thanks for listening. and watching. ❤️ thanks for losing your minds with me kids.
fun fact: pilots always fly while high