Liza Koshy

Liza Koshy @lizakoshy

david had the cutest backpack at coachella
laughing at all the half naked girls at coachella.. this skirt kept me so warm
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lactose intolerant, in an ice cream shop, and practicing my toilet poses thanks to @REVOLVE ā€¢ having an explosive time staying at #hotelREVOLVE! the #REVOLVEfestival has been so bomb, thank you babes šŸ’•
a real picture of me watching a couple make out at coachella
thanks for loving me as long as you could. all while eating as much as you could you big girl you. thanks for being black and white and not racist. i'll give you belly rubs on the other side, but rest easy until then baby, my little spirit animal. ā¤ļø
can't celebrate a 21st birthday without posting a pic of me completely wasted. here it is! i know my birthday was 3 days ago, i've just been too drunk to type a caption. and still am. jk, i like brand deals. but thank you all for the love, fun and hangover tips! don't worry, there will be not be any drunk driving with liza. my sober driving is already dangerous enough. thank you Lord for blessing me with another year. ā¤ļø
it says coffee, but it could be alcohol. don't worry i'm a legal fetus now. now i have to do hard drugs to feel young and illegal again.
this is where i shower. comment if you pee in the shower too! MY 21ST BIRTHDAY IS IN 3 HOURS IM GUNS BE DRONK OK I AM NOW
this cactus has way too much in common with my legs. yeah i know this caption succs.
my jawline is sharper than my intellijence
or role play... whatever you're down for ā€¢ ā€¢ ā€¢ lol be yourself babes! i'm posting this because i mean it... but mostly because it matches my theme.