Lira Mercer

Lira Mercer @lira_galore

MODEL•INFLUENCER For booking: Brand Ambassador for @yummyextensions

@khadi HOLLERING 😹 Me & @irickyvasquez 😩😩😹😹
Issa Yummy Slay ✨ @yummyextensions [Virgin Straight Wanded]
Bool, Balm, & Bollective 📍
When all The girls are throwing that ass in a circle , but you a child of God now 🌚😹
Come to me ..
Aww shit, waist gettin smaller niggas on Instagram like ..📲
Best Friends who SLAY together .. @aaleeyahpetty ✨(Swipe)
There's that smile again 😁 @yummyextensions
#AD is the only place I get my apetamin #TeamThick👌 use code: GALORE for 15% off 💋
When they said they'll slap everyone in the room & you in that room 👀👀🌚😹 Top: @fashionnova Hair: @yummyextensions 📸: @awildjoyee
Why am I like this ..🤦🏾‍♀️ S/O Everybody lmao I blame you @irickyvasquez
When you 4'11 ..😒 Set: @fashionnova
Night Cap 😇 @fashionnova
@irickyvasquez It's more , wow lmao ION GOTTA DANCE I MAKE MONEY MOVES. #shakelife retiree lmao #PartywithLira #Boston
Sis @iamcardib this ya song but BIHHH I felt like it was mine OKURR!! Congrats on everything Queen 🔥🔥🔥 #Boston #PartywithLira
Dream of Genie .✨
Visual representation of : "Hey BigHead" 👽 Dress: @daretobevintage
Issa Yummy Slay ✨✨ Hair: @yummyextensions PonyTail by/ @rae401 - Be versatile w/ your bundles ladies ! #yummyextensions #yummyGirl
Queen .
"I'm clockin ya ... Versace shades watchin ya." - Big Poppa, 1995 Jacket: @fashionnova