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Day 12 #flexibilitybasics | wheel pose. this pose really makes me emotional, it's like before you do it you are one version of yourself and after, it all changes. We keep our hearts closed all day working at computers, driving, slouching- so I find myself with a few tears of relief when I do this one. I don't know if it's tapping into my own mortality or what, but I feel it so hard. To enter: start in bridge, take hands and bring them overhead, point your fingers away from you. Inhale - press down through feet, exhale push your head and chest off the ground. Hot tips πŸ”₯: GET WARM - no joke. I rarely do cold wheels because they are so damn intense. Go move around, Vinyasa, do a ton of shoulder opens (puppy, dolphin, bridge). If you're looking to modify, prop two blocks against the wall, place your hands on them, and practice pushing your chest to the wall. Go slow! Video coming soon I promise. You're all doing awesome you guys seriously love you. Remember to tag #flexibilitybasics & @hoopyogi @libernans & our wonderful sponsors: @uriahclearlight @knottygirlthreads @alihoopmama @lady.manipura
Day 11 #flexibilitybasics | bridge pose. this pose has many tricks to it. To enter: lie on your back with bent knees, feet flat on ground hips width apart. Stick a block between your thighs. Inhale to squeeze the block and exhale your hips up into the air. Take arms like a robot (90 degree bend) and walk/shimmy/squirm your shoulder blades together. Hot tips πŸ”₯: relax your flutes, instead focus on hugging your thighs together and pushing your feet down and forward. You see, the general idea here is to open up our chest and upper back while practicing leg strength and stability so we can have a more stable back (and a very stable wheel pose). The action of the pose is to push the feet down and forward and gently press the chest through the arms. Happy bending ❀️Remember to tag #flexibilitybasics & @hoopyogi @libernans & our wonderful sponsors: @uriahclearlight @knottygirlthreads @alihoopmama @lady.manipura
Day 10 #flexibilitybasics | dolphin pose - it's a scorcher. I oftentimes will do this flow - down dog-dolphin-puppydog-childspose to warm up for any deep shoulder openers. Would any of you be interested in a video flow between these poses? Anywho- to enter this pose, start in down dog, lower one elbow at a time, walk your feet in, push your heart through your arms. Hot tips πŸ”₯: clasp hands to really get a deep heart opener or parallel your arms to add strength. Remember to tag #flexibilitybasics & @hoopyogi @libernans & our wonderful sponsors: @uriahclearlight @knottygirlthreads @alihoopmama @lady.manipura
Day 9 #flexibilitybasics | any shoulder stretch! Shoulder stretching (even on days without asana practice) is essential to not only increase mobility, but will literally make you more relaxed all day. To enter this variation, simply start in table top and slide one arm underneath you, eat to the ground. Hot tips πŸ”₯: keep hips even in this pose to maximize outer delt yumminess. Share your variations! Remember to tag #flexibilitybasics & @hoopyogi @libernans & our wonderful sponsors: @uriahclearlight @knottygirlthreads @alihoopmama @lady.manipura
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Day 8 #flexibilitybasics | puppy pose - this is actually my favorite pose of all poses right now because it opens up both my chest and my shoulders, it let me to realize how much tighter my left side was than my right. Always learnin' these new things. To enter: start off in table top. Keeping hips stacked above knees, walk hands forward and lower chest to ground. Tuck chin if you're feeling spicy or leave it untucked if you're feeling mellow vibes. Hot tips πŸ”₯: think of this pose as half table top, half child's pose. If you need to lessen the intensity, lower your butt towards your heels. Try bringing your hands in prayer to add a deeper shoulder stretch. To add intensity, tuck your toes and VERY SLOWLY straighten your legs- this is a very spicy variation so go slow. Love you guys, have a goooooooddd weekend I'm off to the trees. Remember to tag #flexibilitybasics & @hoopyogi @libernans & our wonderful sponsors: @uriahclearlight @knottygirlthreads @alihoopmama @lady.manipura
Day 7 #flexibilitybasics | child's pose. though largely considered a restorative, resting pose, child's pose can be a quite good stretch for the lower back, shoulders, and hips. To enter: start in a table top, inhale touch toes together knees stay wide, exhale butt to heels forehead on the ground. Hot tips πŸ”₯: hips on fire? Roll up a towel or blanket and place in between your butt and thighs. To advance the stretch, walk onto your finger tips and use every exhale to gently push deeper. Sore shoulders? Tuck your knees together and bring your arms by your side- this is a great variation for stretching out that hard to stretch area between the shoulder blades. STAY HERE AS LONG AS YOU WANT - then go eat some dank food, it's almost Friday!!!! Remember to tag #flexibilitybasics & @hoopyogi @libernans & our wonderful sponsors: @uriahclearlight @knottygirlthreads @alihoopmama @lady.manipura
Day 6 #flexibilitybasics | side splits. oh my gosh you guys, so stoked to see all the sweet variations!!! alrighty - splits - love em, hate em, want em, I got you. to enter: start in a low lunge (pose 1 of this series) - do a micro flow between low lunge and half split. in fact, grab two blocks and hold onto those while you flow. then straighten your front, scoot the back knee back, SIT UP TALL, and maybe stick those blocks underneath the front upper thigh. hot tips πŸ”₯: I've got so many this post is gonna light on fire. First off - BE WARM ALREADY. Go run, skip rope, chase your puppy, move those legs for at least 5-10 minutes. This will loosen you up. Second of all, spend a few minutes stretching your hamstring and laying in half heros pose, you need to warm up both the psoas AND the hamstring. More often than not, we think splits = hamstrings BUT we forgot the back leg. Once I opened up my back psoas splits opened up for me. Side note - your psoasfront of hip muscle, google it, tons of good reading. Last, be patient, our body only becomes more flexible when we can breathe and relax in a position. So take it slow baby. Love ya all. Remember to tag #flexibilitybasics & @hoopyogi @libernans & our wonderful sponsors: @uriahclearlight @knottygirlthreads @alihoopmama @lady.manipura
day 5 #flexibilitybasics | hand to big toe pose. this guy is all about lengthening your hamstring while simultaneously not unhinging your arm from its socket to do so πŸ˜‚. in comes the strap- USE IT, IT IS YOUR FRIEND. To enter: start standing feet hips width. Loop your strap around your right foot and grasp straps in right hand. Inhale lift foot off ground, bend your knee. Exhale straighten leg. Hot tips πŸ”₯: focus on pushing out through your heel and pull your hip back into its socket. Stand tall but don't lean back. And if you are borderline dislocating your shoulder to reach your toe (like I often do) - grab a strap. Focus more on your balance and pushing outward with your lifted let. So stoked to see all of you participating ❀️ remember to tag #flexibilitybasics & @hoopyogi @libernans & our wonderful sponsors: @uriahclearlight @knottygirlthreads @alihoopmama @lady.manipura
Day 4 #flexibilitybasics | pyramid pose - one of my favorites, super hamstring yumminess. to enter: start with feet hips width, step right leg about 3ish feet back (thing w1 distance), angle back foot so it points at a 45 degree angle (think w1 feet). with both legs straight, pull your hips to square by gently guiding your left hip back, right hip forward. inhale spine long, exhale fold with a long spine over the front leg. Modify: grab two blocks and place hands on them. Tips: to flow it out, inhale halfway up, restraighten spine and exhale, pull hips to square and fold again. Hold pose 10 breaths each side. So in love with all of your posts, seriously so excited to be flowing with everyone and learning nuggets from all 😊. Remember to tag #flexibilitybasics & @hoopyogi @libernans & our wonderful sponsors: @uriahclearlight @knottygirlthreads @alihoopmama @lady.manipura
Day 3 #flexibilitybasics || Standing Split. Set up in a forward fold, place hands on blocks or the floor and lift one leg straight up behind you. KEEP YOUR HIPS CLOSED aka point both of your hip bones to the ground. Stare back at your lifted leg and make sure the big toe is pointing straight down. - To micro-flow it: inhale to a flat back, exhale to lengthen the spine and fold deeper. - Tips: If your finger tips easily reach the ground, wrap one arm around the standing leg to gain more traction. Use blocks if the hands don't reach. For a super stretch, do this pose with the back foot propped up against a wall - use every exhale to scoot your hand and standing leg closer to the wall. AND KEEP THOSE HIPS SQUARE - opening the hips decreases the stretch in the lifted leg. Hold for 10 breaths x 3 rounds. Do you have any tips? Please share! - Remember to tag #flexibilitybasics & @hoopyogi @libernans & our wonderful sponsors: @uriahclearlight @knottygirlthreads @alihoopmama @lady.manipura
Day 2 #flexibilitybasics || standing forward fold. We often love to compensate in folds by rounding the back and softening the tummy but this action simply takes the stretch to our lower backs. Try this: grab two blocks and place at maximum height (picture 2), place hands on hips. Inhale - long spine, exhale, bend knees and fold forward, hands to blocks. Relax neck and shoulders. Inhale- straighten spine, bend knees deep. Exhale- fold forward with a long spine, gradually straighten legs (it can be a very small movement). Continue this flow for 10 breaths and take a break. Repeat 3x, finding a gradually deeper fold. Don't force beyond your range - sustainable and safe flexibility takes time to build up. Happy folding! So stoked to see all of you participating #bossbabes ❀️ remember to tag #flexibilitybasics & @hoopyogi @libernans & our wonderful sponsors: @uriahclearlight @knottygirlthreads @alihoopmama @lady.manipura
Day 1 #flexibilitybasics :: Low Lunge. Hey friends, thanks for joining us!!! Today we start with low lunge, which is at the heart of leg flexibility and mobility. Our supported version is set up as so: front knee stacked over ankle, shoulders stacked over hips, lower belly lifted in and up. To add movement to this stretch- use your inhale to find height and your exhale to gently press your hips forward. Be careful to keep your lower belly active to keep this stretch from going into the lower back. For additional support, place hands on the front knee or use a wall for support. What's important for our flexibility practice is not just to find more length and depth in our postures, but to blend our flexibility with strength and create a greater range of stable mobility. Go slow, be gentle, and use your breath to warm up your hips (see the gentle flow example above). So stoked to see all of you participating ❀️ remember to tag #flexibilitybasics & @hoopyogi @libernans & our wonderful sponsors: @uriahclearlight @knottygirlthreads @alihoopmama @lady.manipura
I get in such a rush for what could be that I really forget the magic of each moment. I forgot what it's like to build with your hands and taste your food. The quick life is exciting but exhausting, it's relentless and will eat you whole. We get so used to taking that we forget the joy of giving, even if it's just giving to ourselves. - Take back your magic, so you can give more of it away. All roads really point inwards. Stop running. Take off your shoes. Surrender.
My life is mostly making weird faces and wearing Birkenstocks everywhere.
Challenge starts soon, feeling nervous excited. It's been a while, feel like I've changed. Things shift, as does the practice. I used to be obsessed with gains - balances, splits, headstands. I would push myself past my limits to get there. I was stubborn and impatient (still am let's be real πŸ™„). But when you get injured, shit shifts around and smacks you in the face. I saw past the poses and retreated back to simplicity - and guess what, the gains come and they go. But they largely began to manifest when I simplified my practice back to the essentials. All complex things are just a combination of simple components. And so that's what I hope to bring to this challenge, back to the basics. Back to the grindstone. Back to slow breathing and moving and feeling it out. Back home to our bodies. #flexibilitybasics
Trying this whole "trust in the universe, control is an illusion" thing, I'll let you know how it goes πŸ––
What are you more afraid of - living or not be alive? #fullmoody
Moody tuesdays #fullmoody πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
imagine what you could create with all the energy you put into putting yourself down. imagine entire year's back in your hands, fingers filled with magic. imagine all that time, waking up to love.