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My man @billyraycyrus "rocked the pants off it" tonight at #cmafest #legend
#WorldOceansDay I almost died taking this photo on the side of a cliff in hurricane type weather but that's how much I love and care about the ocean. Today is about celebrating one of the most important resources on our planet. We must work together to protect it for future generations. #ItsNotOk #WorldOceansDay #100islandsprotected
I live for donuts.
#Repost @mileycyrus ・・・ #Malibu video OUT NOW!!!!
Caught this fun little wave on a quick trip to Indonesia a couple weeks ago 🤤😎🤙😝👍
Dark and stormy waves this weekend. 🤙😀🤤
Happy valentines 🌹
Dog kissing snail.
Well there ya have it guys. Dinosaurs ARE real. #toldyouso
The man. The myth. The legend. My Dad.
Find a theater that's playing #lostinlondon tonight and witness some serious movie making history! @woodyharrelson you're insane for thinking this is a good idea but I love ya for it 😜
Thanks for all the birthday wishes everyone! Lots of love!
Season seven #workaholics tonight! I'm not in it but these dudes are and they fuckin rock. 🤘
Happy birthday Jesus
Merry Christmas! #thatsnotcreepy #yesitis