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#Regram #RG @time: "Leonardo DiCaprio ( @leonardodicaprio) stopped by the Yale Climate Conference in New Haven, appearing onstage for a discussion with former Secretary of State John Kerry about climate change. The actor, environmentalist and 'Before the Flood' producer drew a substantial crowd of 2,500, making pointed statements about the Trump administration's stance on and recalling his attempt to sway the then-President-Elect when he visited Trump Tower in December. "We should not have people in office who do not believe in facts and truths and modern science that are able to manipulate and risk the entire future of this entire generation," DiCaprio said. "We are at that turning point right now, and we are going to look back at this point in history, and frankly this administration, and certain people are going to be vilified for not taking action. They really are. And it's up to this generation, it's up to all of you to get involved and make a difference." Video source: Yale University"
#Regram #RG @leonardodicapriofdn: This #WorldRhinoDay, learn about how the expansion of the Mkomazi Rhino Sanctuary in Tanzania Africa will provide protected habitat for the critically endangered #BlackRhino. LDF is proud to support this work. Link in bio.
#Regram #RG @wwf_uk: Jamuna, a rehabilitated rhino in #India, has been spotted out with her calf. A lovely sight to share this #WorldRhinoDay! #Rhino #Wildlife #FridayFeeling #Hope #Conservation #wwfuk
#Regram #RG @wwf: Have you heard? Kazakhstan will be the 1st country to bring wild tigers back to Central Asia, where they have gone extinct for nearly half a century! Wild tigers once prowled from eastern Turkey to the island of Bali - but their home range has since shrunk by over 90%. Kazakhstan’s plan to reintroduce tigers will help protect an important habitat for wildlife + people and contribute to the Tx2 goal to #doubletigers
Thank you John Kerry for hosting today's #YaleClimateConference. We must all work together to combat #climatechange. Photo c/o: John Hassett
Proud to support the work of over 100 organizations at home and abroad. These grantees are active on the ground, protecting our oceans, forests and endangered species for future generations – and tackling the urgent, existential challenges of climate change. #Regram #RG @LeonardoDiCaprioFdn: “This round of grants comes at a critical time. With a lack of political leadership, and continued evidence that climate change is growing worse with record-breaking heat waves and storms, we believe we need to do as much as we can now, before it’s too late. ” – LDF CEO, Terry Tamminen. At LDF, we’re so proud of the incredible work from our grantees that continue to fight for our planet. Click the link in our bio to learn more about their work.
#Regram #RG @mattiasklumofficial: Early morning at the glacial lake Jökulsárlón on the edge of Vatnajökull National Park. This lake quite recently became the largest on Iceland since glacial retreat extended its boundaries. I have many favourite places.. Iceland is definitely one of them. #jökulsárlón #vatnajökull #landscape #photography #fineart #climate #mattiasklum #klum #photographer @mattiasklumofficial @natgeo @alexandrovklumofficial @irisalexandrov
#Regram #RG @greenpeace: A group of Indigenous Secwepemc people from Canada are building tiny houses in the path of the massive Kinder Morgan tar sands oil pipeline’s planned route through their territory. The house is a symbol of the home they are fighting to protect, creating hope and community in the face of destruction.
Let's do this, together. Call your assembly members today and let's pass #SB100 to get California to 100% clean energy for all.
Support relief efforts for Hurricane Harvey and Irma. Text GIVE to 80077 to donate now. #Regram #RG @gettyentertainment: Leonardo DiCaprio and Jamie Foxx participate in the Hand in Hand: A Benefit for Hurricane Relief telethon in NYC. Celebrities are joining forces in multiple cities to raise funds for recent hurricane victims. Proceeds will go to multiple charities assisting with relief efforts. | September 12, 2017 | 📷: @twargophoto | #HandInHand via #GettyEntertainment
Join us tonight for a special telethon to raise support for the communities affected by Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma. Tune in on all major networks at 8PM ET. Learn more: www.HandInHand2017.com #HandInHand
A special thank you to @tiffanyandco for their commitment to saving the elephants and the launch of the #TiffanySaveTheWild collection. 100% of profits will be donated to @elephantcrisisfund. Link in bio to learn more. Photo credit: Susan McConnell
The @LeonardoDiCaprioFdn is proud to be a long-time supporter and partner with @SavetheElephants and @wildnetorg in the @ElephantCrisisFund. Together we have funded more than 160 projects across Africa and Asia to stop the killing of elephants, stop the trafficking, and stop the demand for their ivory. Watch the video and visit the new website to learn more about how you can help protect elephants. Link in bio. #ElephantCrisisFund #SavetheElephants #Ivory #NoPoaching #SayNoToIvory #ProtecttheElephants
#Regram #RG @voxdotcom: How do we talk about climate change in the wake of #HurricaneHarvey? Plenty of pieces have been written about it in the past few days, but as Vox’s energy and climate writer David Roberts puts it, they aren’t saying enough. . Here are a few crucial points about the impact of global warming on the storm — most importantly, it’s not fair to say climate change *caused* it, but it certainly made it worse. Click the link in our bio for five more key facts to help you contribute to the conversation. #climatechange #science
#Regram #RG @unitedway: #Harvey continues to wreak havoc along the Gulf Coast. Our highest priorities are safety, shelter and basic needs for those who are most impacted by the storm. Once communities are stabilized, United Way will focus on long-term recovery efforts, which will be unprecedented in scope because of the number of people impacted. You can help. See link in bio. #LIVEUNITED #JOINTHEFIGHT #HurricaneHarvey #HoustonStrong
Join @Questlove, @NRDC_org and @FunnyorDie in supporting the protections that keep us safe and healthy. #Regram #RG @nrdc_org: Listen to how @theroots drummer @questlove really feels about dirty water, lead poisoning and polluted air (hint: he's not a fan). This has been an important public service announcement from @funnyordie and @nrdc_org. Full video link in bio!
#Regram #RG @nrdc_org: Trump’s Wall = Wildlife Extinction? As President Trump has now threatened a government shutdown if he doesn’t get his border wall, here’s yet another reason to oppose it: He plans to start building it in a wildlife refuge, placing ocelots at risk of extinction while also threatening monarch butterflies, Sonoran pronghorns, pygmy owls, and Mexican gray wolves, among other wildlife. Read more in the link in our bio. ____ #wildlife #politics #wolves #WildlifeRefuge #borderwall #StopExtinction #endangeredspecies #owls #butterflies
#Regram #RG @leonardodicapriofdn: An amazing study led by Mark Z. Jacobson at Stanford University shows the benefits of 139 countries switching to 100% clean, renewable energy by 2050.
We must protect our planet. #Regram #RG @raulguterres: We, Brazilians, must understand that we hold the biggest treasure on this planet in our country: the Amazon. A treasure that maintain us all alive. Enough of your selfishness, omission, ignorance. If it doesn't matter to you, it matters to the whole planet and the future of life on Earth. Please! Wake up! 🌳 #togetherfortheamazon #juntospelaamazonia #amazon #forest #life
#Regram #RG @paulhiltonphoto: Orphaned Sumatran elephants, rarely make it to adulthood. Help us prevent human - elephant conflict. We have ordered two collars from the United States, and we'll be fitting them on two different herds of elephants. Allowing us to understand the herds movements and helping is with the science. With 6 GPS download locations a day, this will allow our Ranger patrol to be in a place to prevent any human elephant conflicts from happening. But we still need to raise funds to get more elephant patrol units into the field. Help us directly with a contribution to our Forest & Elephant patrols! Link in bio :) right now. . . . . . . #saveleuserecosystem #wildlifeasia #wildaid #racingextinction #beforetheflood #sumatra #ran #ldf #conservation #biodiversity #cutconflictpalmoil #ActOnClimate #climatechange #conservationphotography #environment #climatejustice #orangutan #elephant #extinction #lovetheleuser #nature #green #earth #sustainability #art #wildlife #plants #climatechange #cutconflictpalmoil #wildaid #racingextinction #rainforestactionnetwork