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L E E G U M B S @leegumbsphotography


I can't wait for next season with @reveldanceconvention I love the revel family so much! Come dance with us :) Visit www.dancerevel.com for more details and to register
Mercy | @gormballz
@patrickdaniel groovin
@patrickdaniel took this of me| This is something that keeps happening more and more frequently- If you do a collaborative shoot with me or any photographer free of charge and we put time into retouching your photos to the best of our ability and the one request I have is to put photo credit in the caption and that isn't done, it feels a bit like I'm being taken advantage of. I know it's not intentional but being artists it's crucial that we support one another even if it's as simple has taking 2 seconds to write the credit.
Waiting for my st.thomas trip next weekend like.... @megananne68
When I see this I just want to sing "sk8er boi" | @garrettwestton
@jadebug98 ❤️
It's been forever since I've just danced for myself and it felt so good. Thanks for playing with me @makenzie_dustman I friggin love you
@paigespara come hang again 😋