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I am but a lowly instrument to the muses. This is life through my eyes, Welcome🌹

Hoy es #PSATourCostaRica y es el ultimo show que tenemos en esta parte de la gira PSA. Estoy muy emocionada. Gracias a todos que vinieron a estar con nosotras para estos momentos. Fue un placer conocerlos y oirte cantando las canciones que creamos con nuestras corazones para ustedes. Te amo MUCHISIMO y espero verte otra vez muy pronto. GRACIAS AMORES!! ❤😍❤
#PSATourCostaRica is tonight!! It's the last show of this leg of the tour and I could not be more grateful to everyone who came to these shows and sang their hearts out and shared space with us❤❤❤❤ thank you for your love
#OneVoice #SomosUnaVoz tonight it goes down!! Make sure you tune in and call! So many amazing amazing talents. We have a show in Panama tonight for the PSA tour so we unfortunately weren't able to make it😔😩 BUT @jlo @arod @marcanthony thank YOU for being so proactive and amazing in helping out our people❤😍❤
This is from the other day when we did the most interesting TV show I've ever been on in São Paulo, Brazil
Getting much better at this makeup thing
#rp @kehlani ❤❤💞💞❤❤ remember who you are
See ju in Decemberrr @iheartradio ❤❤❤
Happy #nationalcomingoutday to all of my lovely queer humans❤ all of you who have stood proudly in your truth, I am so proud of your courage to love yourself in this world. And to all who are still unsure what that truth may even be, you are not alone and I am proud of you for being exactly who you are. Everyone's journey is different. We were all indoctrinated with so much hatred of our true selves finding them and loving them sometimes takes a lot longer than we even want to admit. Just a quick little post to let you all know you are loved, important and valuable. You are not who you choose to love but you are the amount of love you give. Keep giving that love to everyone around you, even those that reject you, and keep standing in your truth. We change the world by being ourselves and not allowing others to tell us who that is. BE GREAT! Have a great day! And also! Happy international #dayofthegirl to all my beautiful women out there standing in their power, strength and truth. Remember you are not defined by anything anyone else tells you you should be and to keep breaking those boundaries they set around you. You are limitless energy of healing and love and when you understand this and bring other women into that light with you, we are unstoppable. LOVE YALL❤🌈💞❤🌈
So so soooo fire🔥🔥
Happy #IndigenousPeoplesDay everyone! I know not all of the states have turned this disgusting chapter of our history over BUT that's why the warriors of the rainbow are here❤😍🌈💞 #ColumbusDay has for generations commemorated the brutal systematic murder, rape, destruction, displacement and enslavement of the Native Peoples of the Americas. Columbus did not discover uninhabited land, he discovered tribes of humans who had been settled here for thousands of years; years of tradition, connection, culture, and ancestry. Their connection to their spiritual, the earth, and each other was, however, a threat to the Colonial agenda and so they were stripped of their right to their own land by foreign settlers. They were forced to assimilate to their culture, stripped of their right to practice their own religions, and brutally raped and murdered until all control was eventually taken from them. It brings me to today's harsh conversations around immigration and "illegal" human beings and how far from the truth that could be in the collective consciousness of humanity. How can we possibly deem who can inhabit stolen land? Even more, how can we deem that a human being cannot inhabit the land it was given by the creator? We are all one. The Natives knew this and we all deep down truly know this. We just need to connect with the spirit again. Today's changing of title and so many of us acknowledging why is another step closer to healing the gaping festering wounds of colonialism and imperialism that we are feeling the side effects of at an alarming rate. When we remember the truth of our history, we can learn from our mistakes and manifest a better, peaceful, more loving world around us. Let us honor the Native Culture today and reflect on how it's teachings have the power to heal humanity of this compassion drought.
#PSATourRio last night❤
lil baby who don't listen
What turns you on?
I'll never get over this..SO DOPEEE😭😭
I love this shit
Mish u🙈
Gracias Argentina❤🇦🇷❤