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Seek strong not skinny! Strong is healthy. Strong is sexy. Strong is youthful. Strong builds curves. Strong gives confidence. Let me be your coach & help you build a strong physique. Last few days to sign up for my 6 week fitness challenge! See link in bio for details! Become stronger & win up to $5000 in cash prizes!💪🏽 ••• Photo by the hubs: @theiobot
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Nothing turns heads quicker than a confident woman! 😏 Followed by a shirt & no bra 😳🤣 ••• Photo by the hubs: @theiobot
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Are you ready for a change? Are you willing to do what it takes to be better? Healthier? Stronger? Happier? Do you need that little push to get you going? Or the information & structure to make the gym seem appealing vs daunting? Do you want to get off that yoyo diet & try a healthier sustainable eating lifestyle? Then join the thousands of men & women I've now helped through my 6 week transformational challenge! Let me be your coach and guide you. I'm not some 20 year old IG model 😏 I'm a registered nurse of 9 years, certified personal trainer, bikini pro & I too have had a personal transformation of my own💪🏽 See my past clients, read their testimonials & believe that you too can make that positive change. Visit the link in my bio for details or ••• Photo by the hubs: @theiobot
Swipe Left 👆🏽 Let me be your coach & train with me 💪🏽 Join the thousands of men & women I've helped become more fit, active, happy & achieve personal transformations 🙌🏼 See link in my bio or see for all the amazing results & testimonials. My next 6 week challenge starts on 9/24 so sign up while spots are still open 😘
Strong is sexy 😏 Ladies, lifting heavy weights won't make you look "manly" that's just a myth spread by people who've most likely never been to the gym 🤣 I eat 4-5 meals a day & lift "heavy" just to maintain this physique. Don't fear the weights 💪🏽 See link in my bio for my workout programs, meal plans & my 6 week transformation challenge 😘 ••• Photo by the hubs: @theiobot
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Such a success at Olympia this weekend! I love meeting you all and hearing your fit journeys and success stories! Stay hungry for the fit life, my loves!
Had so much fun with my boo @paigehathaway at Olympia today! I love meeting you all and hearing your fitness goals and success stories! If you missed me I'll be at @sweetsweat booth tomorrow from 10am-1pm again 😘💪🏽
Don't ever look back unless you're trying to see how far you've come 😏 ----- Cant wait to see you all at the @sweetsweat booth at Olympia tomorrow & Sat 10am-1pm 😘💪🏽 --- @michaeloliveri | @jessicakeehus
Not sure why they made a dress out of chain but here it is 😏 Design for a photoshoot not real life 🤣
Making sure those legs match those glutes 😏 Remember ladies - it's nearly impossible to build a booty without also sculpting your legs. If you're looking for a great glute workout checkout my 3 stage progressive booty building guides on or link in my bio 🙌🏼 Also, my 6 week challenge contestants have had some amazing transformations in just 6 weeks time - check out all their results & testimonials on my website 😘
Have you seen my Poshmark closet? Follow me "Laurendrainfit" - I post new outfits every week. @michaeloliveri | @jessicakeehus
Now that I got myself into this thing I need to find a socially acceptable location to wear it 🤔🤣 By the way, my next fitness challenge starts in 2 weeks, see link in my bio for details or visit 💪🏽
The top 5 winners are here 🙌🏼 Such amazing results all around in just 6 weeks, so many amazing testimonials, pounds & inches lost, confidence boosted & self-esteem restored, I am so proud of everyone who participated 💪🏽🏆🏋🏼‍♀️ --- 1st: @jfr8s | $1,250 Jessica: A nurse who lost 10lbs & 10 total inches. "After completing this challenge I’ve gained structure, I became less fatigued, my bloating went away, my time management improved… all of this enhanced my motivation to stick with it! I am ecstatic that I've found a way to incorporate healthy living back into my daily life without hassle. This challenge has proved to be something I can surely sustain & is definitely not a crash diet that would have set me up for another binge eating relapse." --- 2nd: @schuck__11 | $1,000 Adam, down 20lbs & 13 inches! --- 3rd: @sapjc | $750 Andrea, down 10 inches & almost 10lbs --- 4th: @nikkz__ | $500 Nikole, down 10 inches & 12lbs --- 5th: @rachel.laura | $400 Rachel, Down 16 inches & 12lbs --- 6th - 10th place winners will split another $1,100 in cash. This could be you next time around 💪🏽 My next 6 week challenge starts Sept 24th! Sign up now via the link in my bio or on & let's work together to transform your body 🙌🏼
So proud of my fitness challenge clients. Brings a huge smile to my face when y'all get results and live a healthy lifestyle. ----- Get your last votes in on my last video post and stay tuned for the challenge winners tonight. Giving out $5000 in cash prizes! Sign up for my next challenge is live - see link in bio. Starts 9/24/17.
Tag your fitspo - who inspires, motivates or pushes you? PS, I'll be at Olympia next weekend with @sweetsweat both Friday & Sat - who's going? ••• Lens: @samuellathrop Glam: @jessicakeehus
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