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Hi, my name is Thomais. I like traveling and reading. Based in Greece. 🇬🇷 ➳ Rep for @laserbrainpatchco, @epikcreations, @animalibri and @pandam_ph.

Another photo from #Chania, featuring the beautiful Game of Thrones bookmark designed by @animalibri. • What are your thoughts the new episode of #got?
That awkward moment when you discover how beautiful is the old building of the National Library of your country and you had to repost it. 🏛 (Photo is not mine. Just a picture I found on google. 😂)
Another photo from #Chania.🌊 • Also, this week I'm traveling to Chania and Rethymnon to take some photos for you and for @laserbrainpatchco. Can't wait. 🌸
A beach photo for you all. 🌊 • Who's excited for today's episode?? ME 🙋🏽 | #summer #sea #beach |
Can't really get over the beauty of this city. #chania. • Where do you live? I (obviously) live in #Greece. 🇬🇷😂
Hello!!! Another photo from yesterday's shooting. 🌸 • What's your currently favorite tv show? Mine are The Crown and of course GoT. 😍
Little did they know I was photographing them. 😂 Now I'm officially a creep. | #Chania #Crete #Greece |
Hey everyone!! How are you? Hope you're all fine. 😌 • I'm finally in #Chania and I've already taken a bunch of photos. 😂 Here's an example. • Also, how awesome is this bookmark by @animalibri??? I can't get over it. 😍😂 This bookmarks combines two things that I love #TyrionLannister and #got. Go and check out @animalibri for more beautiful and with high quality bookmarks. If you want to purchase anything, you're free to use the code: LANNISTER8 for a discount. 😌
Another photo from #Chania. 🇬🇷 • Next week I will be in Chania and Rethymnon, which means more photos featuring Crete. 😂 hope you don't get bored of them. 🌊
Hello everyone! How are you? Hope you are all fine. 😌 I'm really sorry for being a bit inactive lately. I'm visiting my grandparents in northern Greece and the internet connection in the village is literally non existent. 😂 • Here's a picture I took today. 🇬🇷
I just landed in #Thessaloniki. 🇬🇷 • Here's a picture for you. 💕
A brand new photo for you. (I took 3 minutes ago. 😂) • I started watching #TheCrown and I really LOVE it!! It's so freaking awesome. Do you like it? 🙈
A beautiful alley at the old town of #Chania. 🌊 • I hope you don't get bored of my travel photos.
Probably one of the best photos I took in #Chania. I'm really proud of it. 😂 • What's your favorite movie? Mine is The Kingsman and I can't wait for the sequel. 🙈
Another photo from #Chania! Hope you guys love my travel photos. 🇬🇷
Another photo from #chania and featuring #AllTheLightsWeCannotSee. 🙈 #DWPickoftheDay
Another random photo from #Chania. 🌊 • What's your favorite trilogy? Mine is definitely #ACOTAR, even though I still need to read the third one. 😂
Just a random photo for all of you! 💕 • Thank you to everyone who participated in our SFS contest! 💖 The first 5 winners have been announced, go and check out my story! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #greece #travel #athens #vintage #retro #architecture #architecturephotography
A completely random photo from #Chania. 🇬🇷 • My sister and her wanted to take a photo together, so I decided to photograph them from a different perspective.
I wish I could live in #Chania. Everything there is so beautiful. Thankfully, it's (only) 2 hours drive away from my city, so that's fine. 😂 • Do you like when I post non bookish photos? For example like this one. 🌸