Rebecca Watkins

Rebecca Watkins @ladydog._

A pupper in human form. @ladydogeats 🍰

It’s a feast✨
Arizona is neat🌞
Headed to Arizona for the next few days, any destination suggestions or connections send em my way!
Here is to my insatiable appetite for ice cream and everything sweet this summer. To my new found obsession with polar person/ice man/glacier/volcano or any other name for the beautiful combination of soft serve and slushes.
In progress✨
🚨vroom vroom watch out y’all🚨
Look at these cuties💕
I love every one of you freaks😘 @pleasecinci
✨great day well spent with @bubba_jane_ 👼
🎈I couldn't of asked for a better dad, happy birthday 🎉
✨Mark ya calendars!✨
☕️splash drip drip woo splash💦
We could steal time, just for one day.
4th of July parade. #justiceforsam #neverforgetpress #35mm
✨chicago dogos💕 #neverforgetpress
Sunday August 27th 5pm at @cheapsidecincinnati ✨Come enjoy baked goods, skate some @ableprojects , win prizes, listen to good tunes and drink great coffee! All proceeds go towards @under471_diy ✨ Credit this awesome flyer to @lyfeinprism
Thanks for the new mop✨ @scissrwitch