Rebecca Watkins

Rebecca Watkins @ladydog._

A pupper in human form. @ladydogeats 🍰

🎈I couldn't of asked for a better dad, happy birthday 🎉
✨Mark ya calendars!✨
☕️splash drip drip woo splash💦
We could steal time, just for one day.
4th of July parade. #justiceforsam #neverforgetpress #35mm
✨chicago dogos💕 #neverforgetpress
Sunday August 27th 5pm at @cheapsidecincinnati ✨Come enjoy baked goods, skate some @ableprojects , win prizes, listen to good tunes and drink great coffee! All proceeds go towards @under471_diy ✨ Credit this awesome flyer to @lyfeinprism
Thanks for the new mop✨ @scissrwitch
💐🌞🌿 #neverforgetpress
☕️🥞🍳 #neverforgetpress
Discribes these two perfectly💃🏻🕺🏻 #neverforgetpress
Chicago chicken
Louisville Dizzy Wizz
When there's a @sallyworthit pie in the walk-in you can't help but help yourself.
🌼How could I be bummed when so many good things have happened to me?🌼