Leah Spencer

Leah Spencer @lady.manipura

wire weaver ¤ air bender ¤ Gaia lover ¤ minerals ¤ photog ¤ henna ¤ custom art available Crescenthoops.com Code LADYMANIPURA For 15% off

new pendant ! Just completed ♡ Features ammolite, labradorite cab and 2x lapis cabs Available ^___^
These can be custom ordered for specific sizes (: this one in particular is 6.5"-7&3/4" around wrist 3&3/4" base of wrist to base of finger this is available ♡
I haven't been hooping a lot recently because of my injuries >.< This is the most movement I've done since ♡ My code LADYMANIPURA will get you 15% off at crescenthoops.com for hewps like these and so many more 😙 @crescenthoops
Just finished this simple & adjustable chainmaille headpiece ^_^ affordable and available ♡
Flossin with gold #carcassone
Well this took forever but it was totally worth it :D Adjustable, entirely hand linked chainmaille headdress ♡ This is available for purchase (:
Mixed all the names up in a hat and let Phil pick at random. Joseph Thomas is the winner ^_^ Thank you to everyone who participated. I'm going to be donating $135 to hurricane relief fund ♡
I haven't been able to hoop really at all because of my ankle and back..but wanted to share what @crescenthoops has been up to ♡ Crescenthoops.com has everything the hoop obsessed can dream of Use my code LADYMANIPURA for 15% off
new available pendant (: Used the other ammonite half and the same style on this one Features ammonite, 3x sunstone and amethyst point {brazil} let me know if she calls to you ♡
Just finished up this pendant! features ammonite, golden apatite, 3x prehnite cab Sterling fine silvers and gold fill accent Available!!!
New available pendant (: Features 2x amethyst and 2x sunstone cab Sterling and fine silvers with gold fill half round accent
@wildartistrytravels is doing a photoshoot giveaway 😍
Early xmas present for @sagepachi I couldn't resist and it was a great deal ♡
Custom for miss @tayloregee ♡ with her stones ^_^
Simple deathly hallows pendants 😆 inexpensive and available !!
win this pendant for only $10 !! I would like to fill at least 11 more spots. buy up to 3 spots to raise your chances at winning 80% of profits going to hurricane harvey relief fund A chance at winning a pendant valued over $150 AND contributing to those in need?? ♡
Soooo much fun at the renn Faire ♡
sweet sweet @tayloregee brought me flowers, books, sage and natural icy hot over the last few days.. grateful for my soul sistars ♡
My dear friend Will passed away two years ago. I had made him a custom pendant a little while before that and he wore it daily and left this realm with it around his neck. His mother recently found me on Facebook. She had been searching for me to recreate this pendant for her. The first picture is the new pendant ♡ Happy I could be a part of this Rip dear one. you live on through us
Want a chance to win this pendant for $10?? I have 11 spots left at least 1 in 17 chance of winning! buy 2 for a better chance ♡ Winner will be selected at random once I fill all spots 80% of profits to be donated to hurricane harvey relief fund