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Pay attention to the things that excite you, they are not random, they are all in line with your purpose ✨ @leondash
Oh hey there...did a photoshoot today here in Arizona. Now I’m headed to the studio to work on some new music, and I can’t wait to share it with you! Remember that there’s always time to chase your dreams and pursue your passions. Don’t take no for an answer, network with everyone you can, and build the empire you deserve. 📸 💄 @_mikemora_
Headed to AZ today to record some music. Stay tuned for the release date of my first single. 🎧🎤 - 📸 @leondash
Feels so good to be home. 🙂🌆 - Launched a new YouTube, check it out.
Getting ready for a busy weekend ahead and staying on track with help from my @fittea! Traveling takes a lot out of me but I stay on a solid routine even when I’m away from home! What’s your plan today?! Check out my photoshoot on my Snapchat! 💙💚 #sp #ad
New York, here I come! 🌃🗽 @ericlarokk @imlacikaysomers
One person with passion, is always better than several people merely interested. You have to be passionate about your goals, your vision, your career, your life, and your dreams if you’re going to succeed and build something worth remembering. I was never the smartest girl, but I always worked hard, networked, and made moves with a positive attitude. Be thankful for the opportunities you have, and take advantage of every day you have on this planet.
The question is, are you man enough to step up to the challenge and go after what you want and chase your dreams, whether it be financial, physical or even a girl like me? Never lose confidence, work your ass off, be an alpha male, that’s what I call sexy! There is nothing more sexy than a strong, and confident man. Get your @steelsupplements Alpha-AF and build that muscle every girl wants, trust me you need this in your life. #ad
Loving my face after visiting my girl @thebeautypa yesterday. I would never trust anyone else with my face. 🙅🏼💜 She definitely knows her stuff, I’m obsessed @motykiemedspa. #dermatology #90210
Wanna be happy? Stop giving a sh!t about other people’s opinions, and just do you. If you wanna pull your pants down in the middle of a parking lot, then do it, I did it, and I’m happy as ever 😉
Just launched a NEW YouTube video check it out! Link in my bio 👆🏼👆🏼 📸 @ericlarokk
Does this pic look weird with my dirty as* little foot? 🤔 @ericlarokk
Just enjoy YOUR life, every single day wake up and smile because you're alive and breathing. People are always gonna say things and judge you for your actions and how you carry yourself, when they should look in the mirror. The key to happiness is being at peace with yourself, and that starts with loving who you are to begin with. Don't forget to smile either, those who want to see you fail hate that shit.
The older I get the more aware I become of everyone around me and their intentions. We live in a world where it's actual Game of Thrones and people only see you for the value you can potentially bring to their life, and not just as a human being. I've had countless people approach me with business propositions, ideas, and opportunities to help THEM, without even knowing them to begin with. Manipulation is everywhere, and you have to protect yourself at all costs. Remember that you are your biggest asset ❤️ 📸 @ericlarokk
Happy Monday! So glad to be home and back on my routine, got some errands done today, filmed a YouTube video and now I'm about to head to the gym. Have my @fittea to help start my day off. Who's training today? 💪🏼 #ad #sp
Come on Barbie let's go party💚 🎉 @imlacikaysomers
Anyone out there need a superhero to save them today? @stefanisomers and I are available if need be. Batman or Superman? 😘😜 #TheSomersSisters