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It is officially Summer time! That means living in bikinis and a lot of traveling. Using @fitteawraps to help keep me on point! #sp #fitteacollab #tagpoppingouttheside
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When you wanna go out with the boys on a Saturday night but your girl does this....what you gonna do?! 😏😜 #choosewisely - Turn on my post notifications
It's getting hotter over here in Cali every week! I'm always chillin poolside with my @bangenergy! What's your favorite Flavor?! Let me know in the comments! @vpxredlineceo
Never sacrifice your class to get even with someone who has none. Take the high road. 👑 - SnapChat: LaciKaySomersXo
What's your favorite part about the summer? I honestly just kick it at home and lay by the pool, the beach is cool but it gets so crowded! So many new things coming up this summer you're all gonna love. @fittea 😘 #fitteacollab #sp
It's people who don't have much that are the most humble and appreciative. So many "rich" and "wealthy" people have contacted me over the years and they have this attitude that they are above everyone, and I never understood that. The best people I've ever met in my life are the ones who are grinding, still trying to make it, and wanting to make a difference, and those are the types of people I love being around. - Be careful who you look up to because people with "status" and a "following" are not always what they "post" to be. Real recognizes real, and if you don't fit in somewhere, and you are wondering why it's because you don't belong, you're meant for better. I'm loving this pool weather lately in So Cal ☀️💧 - SnapChat: LaciKaySomersXo
#Value It's a mistake to think that other people are going to match your grind and meet the expectations you have set for yourself. At the end of the day don't be shocked when people only do or give you the bare minimum, because people want the most out of life, without doing the most work. I learned this lesson the hard way when I was younger watching a lot of other girls take the easy route to financial comfort. - The life you want isn't just going to happen, you have to make it happen. You'll also notice how people act when something is handed to them, they don't appreciate it. I've earned my way to where I am, and I will always take advantage of every opportunity in front of me and not only give 100% effort, but go above and beyond. That's just me and how I operate on a daily basis. Surround yourself with people who match your grind and want to win just as bad as you do. - SnapChat 👻: LaciKaySomersXo
🏀It's Game Time, I'm so fired up right now to watch this! I hope we close it down tonight and put this series to bed, but it wouldn't shock me if this goes 7 games! If you remember I predicted 7 games in my FHM article earlier last week! Ahhhh I'm so nervous, let's go #DubNation! - Comment your prediction on tonight's game below in the comments! I'm gonna go Warriors 120-115 final.
Getting out to the dog park today with my babies! Who else loves their pups? My boxers are crazy, so much energy on a daily basis and keeping up with them isn't easy. I'm so glad I have them though, they remind me on a daily basis just how great life is and how much every day should be appreciated! Boss and Gorgeous are their names, anyone else have boxers? @bangenergy @vpxredlineceo #ad
10 random facts about me for those of you who are new to my page: - 1. I sleep with a fan in my face always, take my fan away and I'll cut you. 2. I could literally live off of my egg whites and red potatoes, IHOP is my sh*t. 3. I don't like designer clothes, My closet has sweats, crop tops, and bikinis. 4. I'm from the Bay Area, and I love old school hip hop, the 90's are my jam. 5. I LOVE sports, I'm always watching my teams and tune into sportscenter frequently, SVP is my favorite anchor. 6. Money or following doesn't impress me, your character and the way you treat people does. 7. I play video games in my spare time, Overwatch, COD, GTA, and MLB the show are my fave currently. 8. I'm a cheap date, I don't like fancy restaurants or extravagant things. I'd rather order Chinese and watch a movie, no joke. 9. I LOVE to travel, the world is so big and I plan on seeing a lot of it. 10. I genuinely love and appreciate all of you who follow me and are so supportive. Without you there is no me, and I'm so thankful for the kind messages, comments, and love you show me daily. - Laci Kay
These photographers gotta stop giving me tops from baby gap. 😂 sincerely my caption winner @jbaronelv - 👻LaciKaySomersXo
Whoaaaaa so many of you signed up for my private snap last night! I'm currently going through my signups today and you will be added by tonight! Also I've got a special guest appearing on my snap tonight, so be ready! If you haven't signed up yet you should so you don't miss out, click the link in my bio 😁 - Just chillin today, so much to do today so little time! What's everyone up to today? It's gloomy here in Cali today 😍 *Side note new cell phone cases up on my site next week :)
Laguna Beach 🌊
@imlacikaysomers Love yourself first, because we're in a world that wants to criticize your every look and every move. I've heard it all, "Laci you have fake hair, boobs, lips, tan, you're fake blah blah blah." At the end of the day I don't let those comments get to me because I love and know who I am on the INSIDE, and that's a direct reflection of how I look on the outside. Remember that those who criticize you are just really unhappy with who THEY are, that they need to bring you down. Build that self confidence, and use it to progress in life and get better every single day, and don't pay attention to what "they" say. Love you babes 😘 #RealRecognizesReal
Who's ready for Justice League later this year? I'm so pumped, I saw the trailer and it actually looks really good. Also has anyone seen Wonder Woman yet? Let me know how it was in the comments, it got great reviews! - Who's your favorite hero from the Justice league?! #batman
Today was laundry day 😜 - If you clicked the link in my bio and signed up for my private Snapchat I'll be adding everyone tonight ☺️