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Watching my boy do work lol..⚾️⚾️⚾️
My mom INSISTED on getting me a birthday present. I didn't have the Rave Green '16/'17 jersey yet. I'm. It above being selfish. #sounders #ebfg #jersey #jmo
We're headed to the homeless shelter! On the Menu: Chili, Salad, and Cornbread for the residents! || Can't wait to serve 😝 #serve #volunteer #skullycrewservingyou #skullyserves
Came upon this monstrous 62 in dbh #ponderosapine today while marking legacy trees. So incredible to stumble across an old giant in these forests.
everyday I make sure to visit THE best places/hidden gems in Seattle so I can leave feeling I made the most out of this year. I follow a bunch of Seattle accounts and find all kinds of spots my fellow Seattleites love the most. Today, was Ellenos Greek yogurt😋