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I took this photo on our first retreat to India, in 2012, we called it Karma rEVOLution • to me it symbolizes how that journey made me feel • a sweet rebirthing in full bloOM • since then the peaceful and magical town of Melkote has become our home for retreats • we keep the same spot yet our experience is holy and wholly new 😉 This year our theme is #RelaxatiOM • learn how connecting with your soul can take you beyond relaxing your body getting some rest, to actually live your life in relaxation • as ego knows stress, your soul knows RelaxatiOM • #liveeasy . This Nov 1-11 • let your soul take your body to . ☝🏾spot left at early bird pricing, save $500 • as your mind yearns for peace, your soul yearns for India and your heart for RelaxatiOM • DM me now to make it yours 🙌🏾 🌸🇮🇳🕉 #knowyourself #consciousliving #followyourheart #engageyoursoul #yogaallday #yogalife #yogaoffthemat #yogainjeans #freedom #practicedaily #relaxalliscoming
Temple on hill top.
In search of new locations. #Exploring #Mysore
When things go right we get a chance to see the light • when things go wrong we get a chance to be the light • #enjoylife • Cuando las cosas van bien tenemos la oportunidad de ver la luz • cuando las cosas van mal tenemos la oportunidad de ser la luz • #disfrutalavida • • • To rejoice in the flow of life, being in the world but living untouched by it, shining our light up and down, left and right, is what in yoga is termed #leela • a playful experience of life within the world of maya (illusion) • when our illusory identity falls away, the worlds' does too • and life takes on a whole different experience • we all can learn how to live in such way • how would you like that? • Disfrutar del flujo de la vida, estando en el mundo pero viviendo libre de él, brillando nuestra luz en todas direcciones, es lo que en yoga se denomina #lila • una experiencia alegre de vida en el mundo de maya (ilusión) • cuando nuestra identidad ilusoria se cae, la del mundo también • y la vida se torna en una experiencia completamente diferente • todos podemos aprender a vivir de esa manera • te gustaría? • • #relaxatiOMretreat • Two early bird spots left • Dos espacios descontados disponibles • Register today! • Regístrate hoy! 🙌🏾🇮🇳 • • Radiant blessings and pure love from my heart to yours, soul siblings ~ Bendiciones radiantes y puro amor desde mi corazón al suyo, hermanos del alma ~ 🙏🏾☀️😃 #knowyourself #consciousliving #relax #me #practicedaily #joinus #únete #conócete #vivirenconsciencia #practicadiariamente #happyweekend #feelgood #blessings #OM
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