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At the chicken spot
#Repost @heartrickrecords ・・・ #Sneak_Peek: For those who may have been awaiting or even not since 2015..., it's my own #MELTRICK's private #diy_dit record label called #HEARTRICK_records (on bc/fb/tb/*twit: @HERATRICK_rec ) its new official logo. Sewing by my dear friend Akira-chan. The logo patch is indicated to the label compilation series called " #HERATRICKnoiz" debut first one has 8 artists 2 songs each on the real way. And following sophomore comp and individual releases also on their plans!! Lots of "up and down" might make you #heartricky, but that might have been a #heartrickey all real life with real music in art. -Kennyy/こぢけん as/of MELTRICK ( @meltricknoiz) / HEARTRICK Records ( @heartrickrecords) (& MELTRO Bridge) Updating by [Wed, Apr 26th, 2017]
Went from Club Palazzo in the Bridge to Club LIV To not even showin' up at a club 'less we doin' bis' I can't even party while a nigga pursuin' this Distractions will do you in, in the truest sense Especially people that want to lecture me And frame it like they just want the best for me Or they check for me, whatever splits it up So there's more for them and there's less for me They don't know they got to be faster than me to get to me No one's done it successfully. #🙅🏽‍♂️
This was literally me all Highschool 😭😭
Today I am grateful that April showers bring May flowers...lilacs specifically!
Просто хочется пожелать всем радости:) Photo by @beryozkina ( @natalie.bero)
Late store run. Lmk if you need an 8th🍃💨Knocked out earlier for a few.
Thank you so much for an amazing class @roberttaylorjr @bdcnyc Choreography: @roberttaylorjr #broadwaydancecenternyc #dance #hiphop