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I'm double posting, I know - but for good reason! Tonight another item gets checked off the bucket list. The Southern Lights
Mt. Cook (Aoraki) - the highest mountain in New Zealand standing tall at 3.7 km. It was amazing to see it up-close during the heli flight. Another thing scratched off of my NZ "bucket list". #mtcook #heli
Mount Cook in all its glory. Sitting and waiting for the sun to set behind the mountain on the left was one of the most peaceful things I've ever done. It was so quiet, you could even hear the glacier in the next valley shifting from time to time.
New Zealand - you absolute gem 🇳🇿 so lucky to call this place home!! #newzealand #weekendgetaways #southisland #aoraki #autumnwalks🍁
Night will come soon