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Reality Check & Honesty Moment! You all know how I feel about sticking and committing to your goals and how I've been talking about this big #MakeAShift mindset! Well the reality is last week I DIDN'T #maketheshift when it came to my nutrition & I have been feeling really bad/down about! I could give you a millions excuses but I'm not going to. I'm going to own up to my downfalls and use them as learning experience and use them to help me make this week better! I know there have been a million posts how people are killing their workouts and nutrition and seeing amazing results!! I want those results And know what I need to do to get them! I believe that we have one life to live and yes we should make it our best but we also need to give ourselves GRACE! I know this health and wellness stuff? It's ALWAYS going to have its ups and downs. Were you one of the millions out there this weekend that stuck 💯 to your meal plan? Awesome! Congrats! Or were You one of the ones that had a few slip ups? It's ok too. It's what we do and take away from our mistakes that makes us who we are. Give yourself permission to be human & don't let others put you down for being human! We are all human and perfection is impossible! Don't let those who portray perfection make you feel any less as we are all human & we all have our struggles and how we overcome those struggles speaks to our character! Tomorrow is a new day! #weareallhuman #mistakes #maketheshift #tomorrowisanewday #livinghealthyhappyandfit
This picture says so much to me then just a post workout pic 📸 1️⃣ taking time to just breath 2️⃣ relaxing 3️⃣ listening to my body 4️⃣ slowing it down 5️⃣ flexibility So if you know me you know these are not word I would normally use to describe my workouts! I am the girl that craves high intensity, sweat dripping, hard breathing and heart ❤️ pounding workouts! That's me but as I grow and evolve thru my health and fitness journey I see more and more the importance of taking time to SLOW things down. Now don't get me wrong I love a good cardio workout still and it will always be my jam but I also see that you need to give your body time to recover and slow down so it can continue to allow you to do those high cardio and strength workouts! Take time today to rejuvenate your mind, body and soul! SLOW it down, BREATH IN, & be THANKFUL! #shiftshop #day7of21 #shiftmobility #slowitdown #breathin #thankful #livinghealthyhappyandfit
Happy Sunday! Was going to have coffee....but I'm all out of creamer 😩 #thestruggleisreal #workingfortheweekend #boudoirphotographerproblems #rockstar #editing #lifenoirboudoir
/ / how beautifully blind are we to ignore the smallest things in us, for it’s the smallest parts in us that give us the power to do the most brilliant of things../ /
These blueberry raspberry muffins look soooo good<3 #simplyscrumptious #simplyfresh #yummy
One the original JCPENNEY stores, still with it's original neon sign.
The Richland County Courthouse in Montana.