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there's no one else i'd rather be adventuring with.
The beautiful Scottish Highlands around Glencoe
Such a tranquil beauty spot now that it's hard to imagine it being the site of such a horrific massacre (78 members of the MacDonald clan were murdered in the area in 1692 by troops staying in their homes).🏞
自然的美啊,真是难以用语言形容。只得不断锻炼自己感受的能力,这样在美被呈现在眼前时,有足够的内心力量去感受它。 说实话,在录视频时,心里还真有点舍不得,一是舍不得自己分心来录视频,二是这样的美,应该让每个人都真实来看到才叫痛快啊! 就在我记录这段文字时,那美也在眼前飞逝,但是作为人类的我除了顺应自然,难道还有更好的办法吗! I am short of word to express this beauty of nature ❤️ #glencoe
On our last day in Scotland, we took a day trip to the Highlands, taking in Glencoe and Loch Ness🌲🐉🌿🌊
You go Glencoe (co)!! . . . Mean Girls reference creds to @rrlogan10!! But for real quitting school and moving to Scotland's highlands bc WOW look at these babies