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Don't you go erupting on me.
After I passed my a-levels and finished school last year, I experienced for the first time the freedom of life and realised that my life is totally up to me. I choose. I can eat whatever I want to eat, I can do whatever I want to do, I can be whoever I want to be. This last year has been the craziest and greatest year so far in my life. I worked hard, spend 3 months in Sri Lanka with a friend of mine, worked hard again so I can travel, all alone, to Canada and Hawaii. Looking back, I enjoyed every second of this year. Even the hard work, that could have easily overwhelmed me. But I saw it as a chance. A chance to grow. A chance to show strength. A chance to prove anybody wrong who didn't believe that I could make it. And I did. Over the last 12 month I realised that life is an adventure. You create it. By the decisions that you make and the steps that you take. Even the small ones everyday. It's totally up to you. Create your life in the way YOU love it and never let anyone hold you back. As soon as I knew that I want to travel on my own, everybody got worried about me. 'Are you sure that you as a girl want to travel this far all on your own?' 'You're crazy' 'I would be too afraid to do that' But you know what? I'm not afraid. Not at all. I have trust in the world, in nature, in the universe and in myself. I know that I am strong and capable of everything that I can imagine and that I have the support and love of the whole universe right behind me. Here I am. Literally on the other side of the world, enjoying the freedom that life has to offer. I grew so much this past year. Travelling on my own has made me stronger, more confident and showed me that I can achieve ANYTHING. Life is an adventure. Enjoy it!
God's creation is amazing #beautifulview #windyday #adventures #
This. Place. Is. Unreal! Since the first time I saw this photo in @chimani Haleakala NP app during my trip planning, I've been dreaming to see this with my own eyes. I've never seen so many bamboos in my life. Ever. And I am an Asian who grew up in Asia! Didn't see panda either but I wasn't too disappointed 😋🎋😍💚This is my favorite part of the Pipiwai Trail. I love it more than the two waterfalls along the trail. It's a nice shaded area, significantly cooler than the rest of the hike. Absolutely recommend this trail, as long as you're ready to drown in your own sweat and carry a gallon of bug spray 😆 #nofilter #bamboo #bambooforest #kipahulu #haleakalanationalpark
Very high winds so please don't judge my form #butthatviewthough #mounthaleakala #viewofthebigisland