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Getting better at appreciating the place I am at rather than missing places I want to be.
There is no doubt that our products stand out from others but most importantly, we want you to have the best experience at @jungostudios , keep up with our blogs , photoshoots in #nyc ,upcoming collections , collaborations by visiting the website in bio or @danyelboi . Get excited for 4th of July because we are bringing home something special
What a day! I met #louismendes in Bryant Park (swoon! He is such a gent) ate a plate of beige food at @piesnthighs then went to #coneyfuckingisland and saw sideshow friends, then to an #accordion celebration, then to a #Burlesque show at @nursebettienyc where I won the intermission Burlesque contest and got kissed by the bartender who I am calling Captain Softbeard. (If you're reading this, let's do that again sometime.) #feedmenyc #ladydate #adventure #friedchicken
midnight keto dinner at home! thai salad w greens chicken and bokchoy!
p i l l o w t a l k 📀💿
+ website (in the bio) is finally UP and running at its finest 😻automatic inventory system has been added to the website so that refund or technical issues never occur. We would go as far to provide the best customer service to potential/current customers. If you are having a problem or have inquiries, feel free to send us a direct message through instagram or even shoot us an email 👨🏻‍💻 p.s. Get ready for photoshoots and blogs 🙆🏻‍♂️
@bigbigbiz crushed @saintvitusbar tonight. Ears are still ringing despite missing all the openers, was too busy feasting @torst_nyc with @germfreak, @kimlmercado and @brendanradigan1020. Looking forward to doing it all over again on Friday! #metal #stonermetal #saintvitus #tinnitus
We are happy to announce that #photoshoots and #blogs are being prepared at the moment 🤖 we are also glad that many of you are enjoying the products and loving the designs! Keep up with me at @danyelboi if you like for some intense blogging ☠️
Get your Tupac hats ASAP!!! DM @gordongartrale
🌇뉴욕이 젤 예쁜 시간🌆