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Our last night in Orlando was well spent at Disney Springs! #wdw #waltdisneyworld #disneysprings
Back at it. Keep them eyes open! 😎✌🏼❀️
Me and my Baby Groot last night 😍
A year ago today, I was about to embark on a brand new adventure of being on the Opening Team of Lilly Pulitzer at Disney Springs!! This opportunity led me to some of the best coworkers imaginable that truly made Orlando feel like home. I can't sum this last year up into words that are sufficient of what it's truly been. This week, I begin a new adventure as an Associate Manager at this place that I call home. I'm so honored and blessed to continue to spill the juice at the most magical place on earth ✨🌎❀️🌴 #lillydreamjob #lillypulitzer #lillyfam #spillthejuice #resort365 #lifeinlilly #lillypulitzerdisneysprings #waltdisneyworld
Downtown DisneyπŸ‘Œ