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Double wolf head done at @royallegiontattoo had a great time you guys are truly awesome! until next time! @donthaveahome @flawless.wallace.tattoos @therewillbeblack ✨RLOCJ✨ This week I am in Dallas with @elthirteen at @suffercitytattoos come get tattooed!
Oh, this photo makes me smile SO WIDE! I feel so grateful to have gotten to experience Seminar with these women. This photo describes what they are to me. ❤️ They lift my spirit, and I would not be the Director I am without them.
Sneak peak 👀 who's arm is this and who are we designing outfits for NFL Hall of Fame Awards in the studio today? #sneakpeak #NFL #nflhof2017 #halloffame #NFLwife #designcollaboration #metal #designstudio
Chickpea, sweet potato, bok choy buddha bowl with tzatziki sauce and hummus. • • • • •
Entrevistado a mi princesa 🐻❤️
A lot of women message me telling me my body is perfect, they don't understand how I could bounce back so quickly, or they can't believe I don't have loose skin or stretch marks. . I am far from perfect. I know my best body parts and I know how to pose and show case them. I have extra fat and areas that need to rebuild muscle. . I didn't bounce back quickly, it took me 9.5 months to get back down to pre-pregnancy weight which I believe is normal and healthy. It took that long to make my baby and it took that long to get back to the old me. . I have loose skin and stretch marks. My tummy has loose skin on it but I train my core and eat right so it's not as obvious. I have stretch marks... more than the ones in this pic. I have them on my breast, I have them on my hips and under my butt. It's NORMAL! 99.9% of women have them! . #StayFitWithBritt #MomBod #FitMom #LoveYourself
Blackened Ahi Tuna Salad beats your sad lunch in a bag, trust.
#HHBC🎤 ➖Hip Hop Book Club: Outkast "Aquemini" ➖July 24, 2017 ➖