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Enjoying a cup of joe @ Holy Grounds coffee house at Santa Monica Church #santamonica #hermosabeach #malibubeach
She shared with me a dream this morning I was wearing a red dress and high heels and we were on the street and these guys were attacking me she fought them off. I looked at her with her shiner and I had to smile. She looked like she had been in a street brawl, but of course I knew she had just had a spill carrying her bicycle up the stairs to the front gate... #luciddreaming #love #mygirl
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Waiting for B to grace us with her presence. #littlebabyBianca
Opened on Wilshire Blvd in Santa Monica, CA in 1973 by Izzy Freeman, who was born in Brooklyn and raised after age 13 in Boyle Heights, Izzy’s father was a produce and deli vendor in downtown’s Grand Central Market. This 24-hour diner serves up classic American & Jewish favorites with many menu named for well-known longtime patrons. A celebrity “wall of fame” is highlighted with neon and features photographs and clippings of some of the regulars. The restaurant’s interior has had some remodeling over the years, but still keeps the ’70s integrity with wood laminate tables, brick walls, a wood paneled ceiling and the incredible orange knobbed wood lighting fixtures that have been in place since the deli opened. Izzy still hangs around the restaurant regularly to greet customers and friends. #NikkisOldestLASurvivingRestaurants
They say it's the best in the world 🌎🌅 ----------------------------------------- Shot on @sonyalpha a7sii 50mm f1.4 15" ISO 50