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Every degree we’re losing in temperature is a degree we’re gaining in coziness. It’s called the autumnal theory of snuggability and it’s the leading cause of “sleeping in” all over the country.
Many of the hillsides are going bald, and it’s time to venture deep into the nooks and crannies to find the last of the foliage.
Retirement goals in the northern Berkshire hills.
Autumn love 😌🍂
These cold mornings are calling for more coffee and causing me to dip deep into my crazy pajama collection.
Just after an autumn shower, where route 9 runs along the Westfield river by Deer Hill.
The sweetest thing about her is that she never outstays her welcome. She wears her colorful clothes and bats her big eyelids, then disappears without saying goodbye. That’s why I fall so hard every time- she always leaves me wanting more.
PART II of the “The Cozy Cabin Killer.” Happy Friday the 13th! Stay safe out there tonight. Follow @kjp to see part 1! #fridaythe13thKJP #fridaythe13th
Untouched by man, 1,700 feet up in the hills of western Massachusetts.
We rode into our pond-side camp as the sun went down, and spent the whole next day outrunning the storm.
@sackclothxashes is having their Fall Sale! 20% OFF all their blankets! (Link in bio)
Every drive leaves me mesmerized.
It was a rainy day here in the Berkshires, yet the water seemed to make the fire of fall shine that much brighter.
Driving through an autumnal dream, 5 minutes from home.
Scootin’ through skittle forests.
Fishing for swamp haddock for a new film that @kjp and I will be sharing this October 😏🍁 Also, Kiel’s running a contest to win a canon 5d Mark IV this fall called @showyourropes. Follow @kjp to check out the details!
These painted hills will steal your heart.
Been previewing all the new tunes, seeing what melodies I hear people humming throughout the day when they don’t even realize.
Appreciating everyday experiences and the beauty around us more than anything today 🙏
The Deerfield river cutting through the frosted hills.