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Recording/Mixing Engineer 🎚🎛 Owner of @BassRecordingStudios 🔊🔊 Mixing Inquiries: | Business Manager: @Quikolas17 💰💰#WeAreUK

Love is a beautiful thing... Thanks to my mom & @daisygaylowe they both helped raise me... S/O to @gmack859 for always being a good friend...
Like my bruh @hairweavekiller said... Can’t wait to not read it...
#TBT damn we’ve all came a long way... 🤣🤣🤣 #WakaSkinnyNow
Them: Waffle House isn’t good for you... Me: First of all, you’re not good for me either. But I still love you... 📸: @urbanwyatt
“I grind & I get paid” - @liltunechi
@johnnoalias in the cut... That’s a scary site... 📸: @urbanwyatt
5540... If you was there then you know... #TRU 📸: @urbanwyatt
That’s my lil bro @sb_skooly & #BaccWardsFeelings is on the way #SoSoSoon #TRU 📸: @urbanwyatt
S/O to @wakaflocka “Big ya team up” 💯💯💯💯
Where they was at when I was sleeping in the back of that Tan Tahoe??? 📸: @urbanwyatt
YKWTFGO 📸: @urbanwyatt
Kentucky Boyz... 📸: @kforbez
Nothing you wear is more important than your smile... 📸: @kforbez
He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life. - @muhammadali #JustAKidFromKentucky #KyRunMeBack2x 📸: @kforbez
They didn’t want to give me a shot... So I stole the ball from my teammate & scored.
I’ve always loved music. I remember recording songs off of the radio, onto a cassette tape aka the “Original Playlist” Then I started making mix CD’s & selling them for $5 at the Underground in Atlanta. I love sharing music at the end of the day. My friends stay asking me for playlist or what new songs are poppin. With all that being said. I’ve decided to make the playlist #15for15 for Rap & R&B. 15 for 15 means 15 songs for 15 Days. So every 15 Days the songs will change. The songs are in no order or ranking. Just the 15 songs I’m banging heavy at that point. Both playlist Rap & R&B are available on @applemusic @tidal @spotify ive also posted links to the playlist in my story. Just save them to your phone & they’ll update automatically. Hope you enjoy them. ✌🏾 Artwork: @quikolas17
I came up from nothing. Just imagine that. Now I got my own. Just imagine that. They tried to take it from me, but I got it back. I lost day ones. Just imagine that. Feeling like it’s all on me. Soon as they fall they gon call on me. I remember when they used to talk bout me. But now I got it all. Just imagine that. #RealLife #FreeGates #HardWorkPaysOff #DoItForSeth #LookAtTheFocusInMyEyes #StudioKilla 📸: @88.focus
@therealkapg “Slumped” video. Mixed By: #KyEngineerin at @bassrecordingstudios 🔥🔥🔥🔥