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Atlantic Records. 🌻Puff & Petals Lounge is open.🍽Southern Peach is available nationwide. 🍑 "Either Way" with Chris Brown is out NOW. Album coming soon

The People I Used To Know! Track:Heaven @thepeopleiusedtoknow
Either Way!!!💅🏽
My first play,"The Rebellious Soul Musical" aired on Vh1 and now years later its time for my second one starting tomorrow Oklahoma! THEN ITS TIME FOR T @thepeopleiusedtoknow stage play.ITS HAPPENING 😉 Can't wait to share it! If i'm quiet i'm working😝🌻🎤 THE FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION WITHOUT THE POLITICS. This is therapy!
Either Way! Out now! #eitherwaychallenge
Yes Nigeria 🇳🇬 Stand up! Glad you guys are rocking out. He killing that "Either Way" featuring Chris Brown, get your NOW on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, y'all get it! Lol! It's everywhere🌻 @thepeopleiusedtoknow #eitherwaychallenge
So y'all know I always have something up my sleeves. The past couple of weeks I've been quiet in rehearsal for a new play called "Thugs and the Women that Love Them" YES it's about all of us ladies! Lol! You have a friend just like these characters! I wanted to do something different to express myself and my past relationships. Melvin Childs gave me the outlet. This Musical is about a lot of our dick drunk friends! Yes, I said it! And the actors and artist in the play really kill it. I'll be all over the planet the next 9 weeks acting and singing in this musical based on real life. So get your tickets now. (Also directly after the show I'm teaming up with Jack Daniels and Atlantic Records to do a private Meet&Greet in EVERY CITY so get your tickets for that also)🎤 Can't wait for you all to see what talented my cast mates are! Tickets at melvinchildspresents.com 💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽👏🏾
It's ya birthday baby what ya wanna do? "Birthday" out NOW on iTunes and streaming services. Stream it up! @thepeopleiusedtoknow Get my new songs NOW!
FUCK that shit up! Jesus I better get this 2 step ready. I can't wait to perform my new music during tour. "EITHER WAY" featuring Chris Brown is out now! Go get that! Killed it @iammitchellkelly and @thealiyajanell love y'all! #eitherwaydancechallenge #2pacisback
"Birthday" Issa vibe! Out now on iTunes! "The People I Used 2 Know" is some honest music. Hope it's not too honest 😉 @thepeopleiusedtoknow
Preorder "The People I Used 2 Know" this month on 29th!!!!!! You ready???? I'm sure fucking ready. @thepeopleiusedtoknow Track Name:Kim K
My Jack Daniels #SouthernPeach Country Cocktail can now be found in over 14,000 stores nationwide!!! Thanks to my #Rebels for buying by the case load! With your help it's become an instant hit that the @jackdaniels_us team and I are working to get it in even more markets around the country! #StayTuned
#Mood : #EitherWay out now !
My little secret. Loving my @fittea. Get yours today! #fittea #energy #fit #ad
It's Sunday Ladies, let's kick back and sip on some nice cold "Southern Peach" today!!!!!
Awwwww my heart @kimblehaircare stopped by my restaurant @puffandpetalslounge She is always so supportive and loving towards me. Her whole salon team is just amazing. Still shocked by the love Puff gets! Upstairs is under construction and soon ready for everyone. We don't have enough seats to keep up with you guys stomach❤️
"Either Wayyyyyyyyy. I wish I could type it just like I sing.