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Ive been known to occasionally do Crossfit

Apparently there's a lot of other fit kids/men out there so I'll gladly take top 10 going against all of them. Here's to one of one of the best weekends of my life and all the great people to match it. Thank you to everyone who has made this possible and been with me along this long journey to help get me to this final destination @thegranitegames
Checked in. @thegranitegames
Just tested Granite Games workout Down and Back... I'd say it's looking pretty good @thegranitegames @juicecompound @hunets
Thanks to @hunets killing me on the airdyne almost everyday now my quads would be smoked every time I got off of it even if it was just for a minute. Today I discovered I had the seat to low so that my quads were continually contracting and weren't experiencing elongation that normally happens when the leg straightens out. Just in case anyone else was experiencing this same thing this may help but at the end of the day the airdyne is still going to hurt a lot unfortunately.
Front Squat Friday (275 #) going down with @lil_t_fitness
My goal was to get it fast enough to fit it in an Instagram video... I just went a little too quick 1 clean each bar 165/185/205/225/245 (1:25) Rest 5 minutes 185/205/225/245/255 (1:25) Rest 5 minutes 205/225/245/255/265 (3:00)
Made it to Ireland and cannot say enough about how great it is... fun fact the 2nd video is a lot cooler than the first photo
Anyone else expecting the @crossfitgames obstacle course to look exactly like this? At least I'm hoping for it
If I lifted it off the ground doesn't that technically mean that I lifted it?... 430 # attempt after hitting 415 # with commentary and donations by @mw_burke
Technique. Technique. Technique. = Complex. Complex. Complex. 1 push jerk + 2 split jerk (195 and 205)
Not everyday you hit a 20 # PR on your clean and jerk (265 #) it's hard to make Fridays any better but this might of done it @thegranitegames @juicecompound
One thing I've always struggled with is getting full extension at the top of Olympic lifts. By starting on blocks this is forcing me to isolate the power of my hips and not just a big pull from the bottom at 155 #.
Clean and Jerk 2+2[all 2 clean then all 2 jerks; 60, 70, 80, 85%/3 sets - one set every 2 min for 12 min... finished @215
Anyone else hang clean almost the same weight as their full clean? 245 # goin up
Spent the past 9 days volunteering and teaching these 26 middle school kids about leadership and serving others.
"Time to punch that ticket to Minnesota" - @hunets and I'm happy to say that I did! Now I just gotta figure out what the weather in Minnesota is like in September. Big thanks to everyone who helped me along the way @juicecompound @crossfit310 @koach310 @mauijudge17 @gwill1521
A little #tbt to Memorial Day Murph... now that was a fun day! Thank you to anyone who has served or is serving in our military.
Granite Games may have went well but training starts today... 225 # hang squat clean + squat clean
Well that's one way to kick off Granite Games Qualifier Event #4 @thegranitegames @wetimeapp
Does this at least count as one?