Kelly Parnell

Kelly Parnell @kellyparnellphotog

Her beauty floors me ❤
I always ask my senior clients what their plans are after high school and Hope is headed to medical school! Recently receiving the best all around award, I'm so so proud of her. HMUA: @sarahdaughertyy
From an airplane to a horse, Hope's senior session was what any girl would dream of! Just look at this gorgeous photo. Hair and makeup @sarahdaughertyy
Andddd... just like that @helias96 knocks my socks off with her beauty. She's rockin' her mom's dress from 20 years ago too! 😍😍 Hair and makeup @sarahdaughertyy
Tonight's senior session... Ahhhh
When your bride has the most gorgeous two piece wedding gown and veil... ❤
Working in mommy's office all day is hard work. At least a couple of us get a nap. ❤ #bestbuds #paisleygrey and #sophielou
All those gorgeous flowers surrounded by that sweet bump... Gah. Thank you @fotolovr for my maternity pictures!
The first pictures as Mr. and Mrs. should always be this magical. 😍
A beautiful black and white formal wedding this past weekend with @ktwhitehead5 and Hank!! Stay tuned for more sneaks. ❤ #happilyeveredmondson2017
She's not a fan of crowds and people tend to bring her shyness out but one thing is certain, she lives in her own little world with an old soul loving every single animal that ever crawled the earth. #lkg is her spot where she can let loose and find her freedom within the wind and water. ❤ #paisleygrey
Hey there sweet boy! We are so excited to meet you in just a few weeks. #tuckerkelly
She picked this flower for her little boy, not knowing it made the perfect photo for that bump... ❤
A maternity session in a sunlit field per this mama's request. 😍
I see how you feel about me, Mr. Waylon. 😘
I love unique and different things to photograph. @laurabstrick sent me these recipes of her grandma's to photograph for her walls. I also have her plates, pans, doilies and so much more to use for the photos. I can't wait for her to see these!! 😍
If I were this little and took a bath in cereal and milk, this would probably be my reaction, too!! ❤
She said... "Mama, i get to take a bath in fruit loops?!" This was her reaction! 💞