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Yep, I'm that guy. FIA World Rallycross, Gymkhana, Gymkhana GRID. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> First test of the Hoonicorn V2:

Morning texts to wifey from this very, very dangerous corner (that famously had an Evo fly off it) while filming Climbkhana Pikes Peak. She was NOT pleased. Ha. Video launches this Monday, Sep. 25th!! #ClimbkhanaPikesPeak #HoonicornV2
Throwback to when I used the Hoonicorn V2’s fiery methanol exhaust to roast marshmallows. That was fun. “Methmallows" are not recommended for health reasons, obviously. Less than a week left ’til you can see this thing in action on Pikes Peak in Climbkhana, launching 9/25! #methmallows #1400hpsmoremaker #ClimbkhanaPikesPeak #HoonicornV2
Great working with my buddy/voice of Formula Drift @JarodDeAnda out here at #HRD_HQ yesterday! He was out with @MonsterEnergy to film a documentary piece on Gymkhana GRID that they will be releasing early next year. He refused to do a regular cool guy pose, so we ended up like this. #GymkhanaGRID #slightlyawkwardhands
Want to see Climbkhana Pikes Peak BEFORE it goes live on YouTube? The Petersen Automotive Museum still has a few tickets left for the premiere of Climbkhana this Sunday in Los Angeles!! Come see me, the premier, my Ford Mustang Hoonicorn V2, a Q&A panel, etc. Hit the link in my profile for tickets. #ClimbkhanaPikesPeak #HoonicornV2
Rubber of choice to attack Pikes Peak for Climbkhana: the new @ToyoTires R888R tire. In 295 width - at all four corners. Lit up with a hint of throttle in all gears. Scary. Awesome. The Hoonicorn has a crazy appetite for these. #meats #readytoshred #ClimbkhanaPikesPeak #HoonicornV2 #R888R
I think we can all agree that turbo noises are some of the best noises in the world. #thatwinddownthough #bigolhairdryers #twinturbo #ClimbkhanaPikesPeak #HoonicornV2
AWD slides in 4th gear is pretty much the same amount of smoke as a two-car tandem drift, right? Ha. Dope shot from @Larry_Chen_Foto from my first ever test in the twin turbo Hoonicorn V2. Hit the link in my profile for more. #smokemachine #ClimbkhanaPikesPeak #HoonicornV2
Not one, not two, but THREE bursts of flames from my Ford Mustang RTR Hoonicorn V2 during my first ever test in this thing. Two out the turbos, and one out the wastegate. Hit the link in my profile to see the full Hoonicorn V2 test video. #firebreather #ClimbkhanaPikesPeak #HoonicornV2
So. Much. Smoke. My Ford Mustang RTR Hoonicorn V2 is the wildest car I’ve ever driven. Hit the link in my profile to see my first ever test in this 1,400 methanol-fed twin turbo beast! @roncar photo. #smokemachine #ClimbkhanaPikesPeak #HoonicornV2 #ToyoR888R
What’s it like to drive the 1400 horsepower methanol-fed twin turbo Hoonicorn V2? Terrifying. And it takes a LOT for me to admit that! Ha. Hit the link in my profile to check out my reaction to testing this beast for the first time ever, along with some great testing footage. #ClimbkhanaPikesPeak #HoonicornV2
I <3 my Ford Mustang Hoonicorn V2. 1400hp, twin turbo, meth-fed, all wheel drive, and terrifying behind the wheel. See it in action this coming Monday in Climbkhana Pikes Peak! #ClimbkhanaPikesPeak #HoonicornV2
This is my favorite and scariest car I have ever driven, period. Hoonicorn V2. 1,400 twin-turbo meth-fed horsepower to all four wheels. #ClimbkhanaPikesPeak #HoonicornV2
One of my favorite angles of the Hoonicorn V2. Other than behind the wheel, of course. See it in Climbkhana Pikes Peak, launching next Monday 9/25! #ClimbkhanaPikesPeak #HoonicornV2
Launching next Monday, Sep. 25th: CLIMBKHANA Pikes Peak! Because of that, the next 7 days will be Climbkhana week on my page. Hope you’re ready for a whole lot of twin turbo Hoonicorn in your feed. #ClimbkhanaPikesPeak #HoonicornV2 #PikesPeak
So rad to see how many Latvian motorsport fans there were out here today at #LatviaRX. The grandstands stayed packed this weekend, even in cold and heavy rain. Love that dedication! #bestfans #FordRallyX
Big disappointment for me this weekend here at #LatviaRX: I didn’t make a Semi Final for the first time this entire season. And that's mainly because I got spun in my Q2 race yesterday, which just set me back too far in Qualifying points to recover from today. Huge bummer that one really bad Qualifying race can ruin the rest of a race weekend like that. But that’s racing. On a positive note, my teammate Andreas Bakkerud finished 4th overall from the back row of the Final. #FordRallyX #FocusRSRX
I was greeted by 500 Bakkerud Blue balloons stuffed into my office this morning, courtesy of my teammate @AndreasBakkerud - who was trying to cheer me up after my rough day on the track yesterday. Check out behind-the-scenes racecar driver life stuff like this on his Bakkerud Life YouTube channel. #LatviaRX #Bakkerudlife
Very lame end to day 1 of #LatviaRX for me today. Had a great launch in Qualifying 2 and was leading into turn 1, when I got hit and that spun me immediately since it was pouring rain. Ended up finishing last in that race and that really set me back for the day. Not much I can do now except for driving as hard as possible tomorrow to try and make it into the Semi Final.