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September Issue 🌹 Harper's BAZAAR, Thankyou so much for having me! This shoot was incredible. @bazaaraustralia on stands today (Ps. That fur be faux) --- @kohtanyawanichapong @peterbeard @jocelynpetroni @naomismith @pierretoussaint 📷 Story by: @eugeniekelly
To any young trans person; please know that this decision is not indicative of your value as a human being. If you're struggling today or any other day, Trevor Project is available 24/7 at: 866.488.7386 You are not a burden 💜
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PRIDE ❤️💛💚💙💜 Wishing everyone a beautiful and safe day, full of love. Thankyou to everyone who came out this weekend, and to those who continually support the community. May we continue to support and fight for those who are marginalised 💖
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Shout out to everyone doing exams at the moment. I know there may be a heap of pressure right now, so just a friendly reminder that your marks DO NOT define you. Yes, education is important. And yes, you want to do your best. But at the end of the day, your wellbeing is the most important thing and there are a million pathways to get you where you want to go. If you're feeling the weight of expectation – whether it be from your parents, your school, your teachers, or even yourself - please remember you're worth more than a mark, and there's a big future ahead waiting for you. Good luck, and take care of yourselves - you got this! Xx --------- Ps. thankyou to all the glorious teachers who got me through high school 💙
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My heart is so full 💖 Thankyou so much to everyone for the beautiful birthday wishes, and for absolutely making my day! I cannot put into words how much I love you all ❤ Thank you to my family, and friends who could make it out last night, my Texas family (😉), and @mollyddickson for surprising me with this incredible cake! Thankyou for making me feel so damn loved. Best. Day. Ever. #21
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Happy Easter! 💜 I hope you've all had a beautiful weekend, and been able to spend some quality time with family and friends. Sending lots of love, always.
Marking one week since 13 Reasons Why dropped on Netflix, and the response has been so overwhelming. Thankyou to everyone who has watched and responded to the show so far. This is a story I feel affects so many people, and I'm proud we were able to tell it in the way that we did. Even though this is a show/ there for entertainment, if at any point you or someone you know needs help, please go to 13ReasonsWhy.info for resources and information. Additionally, if you've just finished the season '13 Reasons Why: Beyond the Reasons', is available on Netflix also. Please know that you are never alone, and that there are places to go and people who care. ❤