Karlie Kloss

Karlie Kloss @karliekloss

six foot two giraffe from the Lou ❤️

Chatting @KodeWithKlossy. What.an.honor. 🙈
Today’s bean great 🙃
We mean business 🐝 @bumblebizz
American girls in Canadian tuxedos ;)
#MovieNightWithKarlie and friends coming to your living room this winter on @Freeform!!! 📺 🍿👯
Break me off a pizza that 😚 @mariotestino for @voguemagazine
Sunday was a knockout 🤛
set dayz 🐯
Case of the Mondays 😎
levitate @levis
Proud to stand next to this extraordinary woman in the new @ColeHaan campaign. @CTurlington has helped shaped my life in countless ways. Catch @Extraordinaries all over NYC🙊!
@Forbes, thanks for having me on your #Under30Summit stage yesterday chatting about the magic of the @kodewithklossy community. What started as 21 scholars has grown to over 500, and we’re just getting started.
When the dress matches the bottle 💙 @carolinaherrera @swarovski
Powerful thought ❤️ @GloriaSteinem
Two platinums and a brunette walk into a bar
Trying to find my uber like....
🚨 @dior
Only back in 🇮🇹 long enough for a ☕️
Heading to Nexy.co today 👋🏻
Brb Milan 💎🐍