Karla Rajić

Karla Rajić @karlarajic99

Mi family and friends are always with me i love you all 😇😊😘😙😍
Be happy and never give up.Keep calm and be yourself.You don't have to be like others being yourself is much beter becazse it's a new change.
Where do you get thisssss!!!
Dear folowers please do not install game blue whale because it say that it's game about discovering about whales but it's acctualy the very dangerious game and there is one chalenge that you have to kill yourself.Wjen you install the game Blue whale you can't deinstall it. #donotinstallbluewhalegame
So good did you see bigger frie then this one
Thanks everybody for folowing me on musical.ly.Because of you guys we can finnaly hit 200 folowers.Yeserday I've got 12 fans and tiday is my rally happy day just because of you guys.😘😘😘