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That look you give hubs when he says "cancel the dinner reservation, we're ordering pizza tonight." 🙏🏼🍕😭 What's your favorite pizza flavor? #EmbraceYourReal
*Fall is in the air* this 57 degree weather here in Colorado gets me so excited for Fall I can't contain it! What degrees is it where you're at right now? 🌍🍂🍁 Fall is one of my favorite seasons, there is just something about it that screams GROWTH & OPPORTUNITY. New seasons, re-adjusting routines and waiting in anticipation for Christmas *ELF anyone?*🎅🏼 It hasn't always been like this though. I can *vividly* remember when the scent of apple cider, caramel apples and pumpkin pie would stress me out. I wanted to enjoy the sounds and sights of the season, but I was too overwhelmed with the stress and anxiety that it gave me. 😕 Not this year. This year I completely anticipate diving into this season head first, ready to enjoy it all! *Newsflash ladies* you can enjoy that slice of pumpkin pie or caramel apple without having to sacrifice your goals! 🙋🏼 Here are just a few things on my *Fall Bucket List* ✔️Carve Pumpkins. ✔️Go Apple Picking. ✔️Eat Pumpkin Spiced Foods. ✔️Incorporate flannels into every outfit (as show above). ✔️Go on a Hayride. ✔️Decorate for Fall *hello home goods, I'm going for you*. ✔️Go camping & have s'mores. ✔️Go to a Football game *Denver Broncos, ya dig?* ✔️Burn Fall candles. ✔️Jump into a leaf pile. ✔️Eat a caramel apple at a fall festival. Tell me a couple things that you plan to do this Fall season? 😁⬇️ #EmbraceYourReal
Does anyone else ever get extremely frustrated when they compare their reality of a relationship to what they had anticipated in their mind? Ever since we were young we have had an expectation that marriage is painted to be the most wonderful, effortless, and romantic relationship we will ever experience. What you see is not always what you get. What you expect is not always reality *in fact, most times, it's quite the opposite* Love is hard, love is messy, love requires a selflessness that is not always easy to give *Okay most times not easy to give*. If I can be completely honest this past week I have been a less than desirable wife to my sweet Joshua. I have let my emotions and my strong stubbornness get in the way of a patient, humble, and servant heart. Because communication is so vital in any relationship, (and especially in a deaf/ hearing one), when communication is not given entire attention, small things turn into larger things... Often times, I sit and think to myself "Am I the only one?" I guess what I'm trying to say is... Me too girl you're not alone. Don't get me wrong I love my life with every fiber in my being and I wouldn't have it any other way, but I strongly believe that I'm not here on this earth to be a good example instead I am here to show you an honest example and to remind you that we are all a work in progress. If you can take one thing away from this post, may it be this: The next time that you are tempted to comment "goals" on a photo or snarl out of jealousy because you see something that appears to be so perfect on the outside that you desperately want in your life remember this, all relationships are two broken people trying to live in unity with one another. We are all trying to figure this thing out. Sometimes it's OK to not be OK, it's not about always trying so hard to hold things together, sometimes it's more important to rebuild what was broken...only this time rebuilding the foundation stronger and more secure having learned from the past. Tag someone who needs to see this. #EmbraceYourReal #ALedbetterLife
Hey it’s me 😅 jumping like a crazy woman to get your attention (because lets be honest, you wouldn’t have looked otherwise…) STOP scrolling and READ/MEMORIZE this… Stop being so hard on yourself. You’ve got this. You’re okay. In fact, you’re better than okay. You’re exactly where you need to be. And everything that is happening right now is a part of a bigger plan. Let go of the comparisons. You are so much more than enough. Just as you are. They’re on their journey, and you’re on yours. That’s how it’s meant to be. You’re doing awesomely. Everything you’re doing is getting you closer to where you want to be. Yes, even the detours and road blocks. You've got this. Don't think you have what it takes? You do. Wondering if you can do it? You can. If you’re worrying. Stop. There’s no need. Worry creates more worry and wastes time. When has worry ever solved anything? It doesn’t. Focus on what you CAN do. Think you can never achieve what your heart truly desires? You can. BELIEVE it and take the steps needed to get there. But remember, take time to appreciate where you are, too. Life is not about the destination, we all arrive at the same one. Focus on your journey. Don't think you're blessed? You are. Count your blessings. Because you are blessed, right now. There are blessings all around you if you take time to notice them. You are loved. You are supported. And good things are coming your way. A battle that is fought and won is a much greater victory than a forfeited battle. Got blood, sweat and tears? They are the gold metals in the victory that's about to take place. Every minute. Every hour. Every day. Focus on the inner growth that is will eventually turn to external, in due time. Your days are numbered, make them count. Your time is valuable so make it worth something. Time spent hating yourself does no good. There is no growth in hate or comparison. #EmbraceYourReal
SOUND ON🔊, WATCH UNTIL THE END 🤦🏼‍♀️. This is literally how different sizing can be depending on the brand. 👖🤔🤷🏼‍♀️ I know...sizing can be super discouraging and society puts this emphasis on a specific size defining our happiness when in reality that size is all based on perception because every single brand has a different sizing chart therefore your body is not going to fit the same in one size from one brand that it will from another brand. There's been so many times that I didn't truly believe this and I would waste so much energy and time sulking in dressing rooms, feeling so defeated (if I can be honest I still think certain things from time to time in dressing rooms). 😑 I get it ladies at I've been there, but I'm here to tell you that this is a prime example that sizing is absolutely nothing!🙅🏼 You would think that if the size 28 jeans from Ralph Lauren don't fit me (they literally felt like LEG PRISONS😵) that there's no way that a size 26 from another Jean company would fit me but they actually fit me perfectly!😱 You are so much more than an alphabetical and numerical way of measurement, do you believe it? Tag a friend I needs to hear this🙌🏼♥️ Save this video so the next time that you go shopping you can watch this and be encouraged to find clothes that you feel comfortable, confident and sexy in...REGARDLESS of the size! Repeat after me... I am more than a number or and alphabetical letter on a shirt or pants tag. #EmbraceYourReal #SelfLove @frandenim, you guys rock! Thank you for making the perfect fit. 👌🏼 Code JULIE saves you some $$ if you're looking to invest in a pair (your life will be forever changed... trust me) 👖
To the girl who is struggling to find purpose in your life, read this. I too struggle with finding purpose in my life... [a lot] Take this week for example...I have questioned my purpose & the timing of my life too many times to count. "Who am I to think I can make a difference?" "Do people even care?" "I thought by now I would have _____" Those are just a [few] of the things that ran through my head this week. In this day in age, it's easy to fall into the trap of feeling like YOU are the reason why ____ isn't happening at the pace that you want it. We immediately jump to: "I'm not smart enough" "I'm not wealthy enough" "Im not pretty enough" The list goes on.... This often leads to a downward spiral of not feeling worthy or good enough. A friend told me this week "yeah, but once achieve or receive that thing that you were wanting so bad or thought you would be, you will most likely find another _____ to chase. Gosh isn't that the truth?! It immediately reminded me of this quote that a mentor once told me, "look at every season of life as an adventure instead of an arrival and you will be so much better off." So ladies today, its OK to to not be where you want to be, remember that your timeline and your life are unique to you. Quit putting so much pressure on yourself to have everything figured out right now. You are where you are right now for a reason. Repeat after me: My current situation is NOT my final destination. So even though this advice might not change your current situation, it can sure change your attitude which will likely change the outcome of what your life produces in the future. ♥️🙏🏼 So lighten the load sister, you've got this. Comment below one expectation of yourself that you are going to LET go of this week! #EmbraceYourReal
What you expect me to look like during my HIIT session vs. what I really look like. 💃🏼🐶 #workoutfromhome probs 🤷🏼‍♀️😂 Does the dancing count as an extra interval? 😁 Anyway, tons of you have been asking about my HIIT routine that I do on my spin bike so I thought I would post it for you but instead of boring you by watching the entire video screenshot or save this post so that you can try it yourself.. BEWARE, it's LIT. 🔥💯👌🏼 This HIIT session can be applied for stairs, elliptical, treadmill and or spin bike. - 5-minute warm up (moderate pace) - All out for :40 seconds, followed by a 1:20 at moderate pace. *if this is on the treadmill, bike or elliptical try bumping up the incline and/or resistance - Repeat this 6-8x - Finish with a 5-minute cool down (moderate pace). * When you are in your “all out” interval, make sure that you are giving your 110%, you only have 6-8 intervals, so try your best to give it everything you have and really utilize the 1:20 recovery to prepare you for the next “all-out” interval. #EmbraceYourReal #expectationvsreality #WorkoutVideo
[REAL TALK, WATCH UNTIL THE END] 🔈 You past belongs in the past. Far too often we find ourselves wasting time, energy and emotion dwelling on what happened in the past. Your past regrets happened... Your greatest accomplishments happened.. Yes, in my past I had an eating happened to me but it is NOT me and your past is NOT you either. Too many of us (myself very much included) try to hold on to these things of the past wishing it was today or we are consumed with things of the past that's rob us from opening ourselves up to the things of the PRESENT. Growth doesn't happen when we are consumed with things of the past. You're allowed to make mistakes, heck we all do, you're allowed to LEARN from your past...I sure did, you're allowed to struggle and be broken from time to time, but it's up to you whether or not you choose to live there. Don't miss the beauty that this moment right now is trying to offer you. The present YOU needs your attention more than ever. Double tap if you agree & Tag a friend who needs to hear this. ♥️ #EmbraceYourReal
5 things I wish I would have known sooner about food: 1️⃣ The environment matters. (What do you mean the environment matters, Julie I thought we were talking food here.. we are hang with me.) The people and environments that you live in daily do influence you. If you live in a household where food is looked at as a stress reliever, you most likely struggle with emotional eating, if your environment looks food in terms of "good" and "bad" you will most likely learn to look at it in that light. Your habits are a direct product of who you surround yourself with. 2️⃣ If you don't nurture your relationship with food, you will see the effect on it. Neglecting a situation because it's hard or unknown territory never makes it better, it only prolongs it. Sooner or later you will need to face the reality of it. Why not start today? How healthy is the relationship that you have with food? 3️⃣ Food itself is not the problem as to why you're not seeing the results you want. Stop blaming food, stop shunning food or trying to ignore it, that doesn't make the situation better. Instead learn to look BEYOND food and instead look at your mindset and feelings towards it, that's the root of the problem. 4️⃣ Quit dieting, but also quit the "free for all" both of those mentalities are not freedom (IMO) because it's just a vicious cycle. Our bodies and minds were not created for extremes, it will always try to go back to finding equilibrium. Instead, try learning MODERATION, it will take you a lot further in life. Find something that will help you achieve moderation, for me its macro counting, for others it might not be-that's okay. 5️⃣ The food that we eat or don't eat do not define us as "good" or "bad" people. Eat the foods that YOU prefer and what you see yourself doing LONG-TERM. Quit hopping on bandwagons because you watch a 60 minute documentary. If you choose to eat meat, eat it-if you choose not to, don't. Ultimately whatever you choose do it for YOU, no one else because at the end of the day YOU'RE the one living inside your body, nobody else. TAG A FRIEND WHO NEEDS TO READ THIS ♥️ #EmbraceYourReal #FoodFreedom
7 [RIDICULOUSLY FUNNY] facts about me that you probably didn't know about me😂🤦🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️😭... _ 1. I can Irish dance, like legitimately break down into an Irish dance and I particularly love Irish dancing to the Dave Matthews band. 💃🏼 2. As a child I didn't wear anything but sweat pants until the 7th grade, and honestly the only reason I branched out was was because it was not really socially acceptable to where is matching sweatsuits anymore.. now at 27, I'm back to leggings, except for my occasional @frandenim jeans! 😂 3. In middle school, I used to wear silver lipstick and/or cover up my lips because I hated the look of them 🤦🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️ 4. I literally cannot wake up from one alarm, to this day have about 8 to 10 alarms set just to get up 🚨and if I have to get up at a certain time I'll just use @joshualedbetter vibrating alarm clock underneath the pillow 😂. 5. Up until I was in my teenage years the only books I ever read were the Guinness Book of World Records (I legitimately had all of the major world records memorized up until 2002) and I would read/look at my yearbooks, like literally had every page memorized of every single yearbook I ever had. 😳 6. Two of my favorite games growing up were Oregon Trail & Hover, like legit the game that was on Windows 95 [gosh I feel so old 👵🏼] . 7. I could carry-on a day long conversation with a dog [dog whisperer?] 🐶 - _ Now it's your turn, since I publicly humiliated myself😂 now I want to know a funny or ridiculous fact that nobody really knows about you! [COMMENT BELOW]! #EmbraceYourReal
8 things I would tell my 2012 self: 1. Carbs are NOT the enemy, they give you energy! 2. The food you eat or don’t eat does not define you. You are not a failure when you “give into” cravings, find a lifestyle that you can maintain and not feel the urge to "cheat" on. 3. Working out is NOT a punishment & working out is also not just confined to the gym. There are SO many other ways that you can get your body moving that doesn’t require a building with weights. 4. You are WORTHY of life Julie. You deserve to LIVE life to the fullest - you are NOT defined by the number that the scale screams at you. 5. Your relationship with FOOD is one of the most important relationships that you will ever have in your lifetime - actually take time to nurture, grow & develop it. 6. Action cures fear, and gains confidence. Without trying something new you will never know what will make you truly happy in this lifetime! By actually trying it you will overcome your fear and gain confidence in the process by doing it. 7. You are perfectly imperfect, not a pound more, or a pound less, not with thicker thighs, slimmer waist, bigger chest or plumper butt. 8. Learn to embrace yourself just the way you are while striving to become the best version of yourself possible. Things I have gained since 2012: 30 pounds, 10 inches on my hair, My hormones restored, True self-acceptance, 200lbs added to my deadlift, A genuine smile, and so much more! When I finally decided to take that first step, I had NO idea what my journey would look like, but I knew I couldn’t stay where I was at. I took my first step and never looked back. Sure there were so many times I wanted to quit. So many nights I let myself down, but courage and persistence carried me through. #EmbraceYourReal #TransformationTuesday
Be kind for everyone you meet is fighting a battle that you don't know about. To be honest, I feel often times that our social media pages have turned into something like Keeping Up With The Joneses. That girl whose perfect profile picture you see? You never know the time that was spent editing it, or the frustration or insecurities that the women felt as she was taking it. That blogger who you follow for #OOTD inspo, for all you know those clothes could be borrowed, still have tags on them and returned the very next day. That new BMW that she got last week, for all you know it could have been rented for that photo. That couple that you look up to whose marriage looks flawless. I can promise you that behind closed doors it doesn't always look like that. A marriage is made up on "i'm sorry's" and "I forgive you's" because let's face it..we are selfish human beings by nature. That picture perfect blogger family you look to that appears to be perfect? I can guarantee their photos are extreme highlight reels of their behind the scenes. Look, I guess what I am trying to say is that we never know the battles, pressures, insecurities that people are facing. By NO means am I saying that having nice clothes, or nice things or striving for a healthier marriage & family is a bad thing. What I am trying to say is that often times I think the "IMAGE" cheats us. It can distort our interpretation of reality. Be kind for everyone you meet is fighting battles that you don't know about (interior and/or exterior). Next time you're scrolling and wishing that you had "her" life or "her" marriage or "her" family" ♡Remember this: you don't know her soul's heartaches. You don't know her struggles or her story. Instead of hoping/wishing/praying for your life to look like another, accept and find the beauty and purpose in your own beautifully flawed life♡ ⇒Tag a sister you admire and give them a compliment below, you never know it could change their entire outlook! #EmbraceYourReal
THE PHOTO ON THE LEFT TOOK ME 1 min 42 secs TO EDIT🙄🤥😵 You'll see the changes of my face, teeth, and overall shape of body change as I click on the "before/after" feature in the app. ⚠️Watch this video a couple times through and you will really see that the subtle differences completely change my entire look⚠️ This 👆🏼is the reason I WILL NOT STOP promoting #EmbraceYourReal, because apps like FaceTune are making it so easy for us to masks our true selves in today's society😢 ✋🏼I was listening to a big name lifestyle influencer talk about the apps she edits her photos with yesterday and she literally said "It is absolutely necessary to use apps like FaceTune because you can't have your photo showing flaws, brands will not want to work with you." She then proceeded to SHOW her followers (mind you she has just under 1M young aspiring lifestyle bloggers following her) how to resize her body proportions to "accentuate" the body. She also, showed them how to smooth the "rigid problem areas" of their skin 😡😤! You guys I KID YOU NOT I wanted to take my phone and throw it I was so furious, but yet this is the society that we live in now days ☹️ You got a pimple? Cover it up - retouch it. You have cellulite (like 99.9% of humans) Smooth it out so no one will see it. You want your teeth extra white - whiten them instantly with your fingers on an app. It is absolutely disgusting, heart wrenching and devastating that we are bombarded with photos of beautiful, flawless people every single day, not only in mainstream media now, but on our very own instagram feeds and what's even more scary is that others are looking at people and asking questions like: "Girl, your waist is so small, what ab exercises do you do, what does your diet look like?" "How do you get your skin so flawless? I need your skin routine." "Oh my gosh, your eyes are so pretty, I wish I had pretty eyes like you." For goodness sake people please stop believing everything you see on your screens, not everything is how you appear, remember that. 😏 Iris Murdoch said it best: " We live in a fantasy world, a world of illusion. The great task in life is to find reality". #EYRSisterhood #PHOTOSHOPPED
ADOPTION This was a foreign concept to me. It wasn't that I was against it (how could you be?!) For me, growing up, I only knew picking a puppy of our choice from a breeder. So when it came time for @joshualedbetter and I to get a dog almost 4 years ago ( @macroledbetter) I knew that I wanted a golden retriever (I grew up with them) & Joshua wanted something different that wasn't something you saw everyday which is how we came up with english cream golden. FAST FORWARD almost 4 years and Joshua & I knew we needed to get Macro someone that he could play with & to be honest, Adopting wasn't even something that crossed my mind (again, I KNEW that there was a need to adopt, but the fear of the unknown and unfamiliar scared me so I didn't even give it a thought) that was, until 14 days ago. I was sitting downstairs and I hear Joshua yell my name (of course, I can't yell back so I ran upstairs😂😭) and he immediately showed me a Facebook post of this dog that was rescued by a mutual friend from a high kill shelter in Texas that needed a home immediately. Joshua looked at me and said "I think we need to get him". If I can be completely honest ( I know I might get some hate for this, but trying to be transparent), immediately my heart sank and my first thought was "I don't want a mutt, I want to be able to choose what kind of breed I get, plus there is no way I am driving all the way to Texas (we live in CO) to get him, let somebody else adopt him." Boy has my world shifted in 14 days. I will NEVER think like that again. Joshua & I drove 2,137 miles in 59 hours to get our baby @koaledbetter (Koa means "warrior") and he is PERFECT. I couldn't have been more wrong. ⬇️READ THIS ⬇️ You didn't care how I looked or that I wasn't a pedigree. You showed me I am not disposable & that I am loved. You brought back the sparkle in my eye & the shine of my coat. You restored my spirit so my tail can wag again. You took a chance on me to see what I can become. You gave me a place to call home & a family to call my own. 🙏🏼😭♥️ Koa Bear, we didn't rescue you, you rescued us, we love you! 🐻 #KoaLedbetter #RescueDog
10 things you need to remind yourself every day🖤 1. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. 2. You have been criticizing yourself for years and it hasn’t worked. Try approving of yourself and see what happens. 3. Don’t let insecure thoughts ruin something amazing. 4. You can simultaneously be a masterpiece and a work in progress. 5. Forgive yourself, seeing past our moments of defeat creates true self-acceptance. 6. Remember that you only have one life to live. Be present. 7. Feeling unsure and lost is part of your path. Don’t avoid it. See what those feelings are showing you and use it. Take a breath. You’ll be okay. Even if you don’t feel okay all the time. 8. A million likes will never be enough if you don’t like yourself. 9. Accept what you cannot change. 10. The answer to beauty is not outer appearance, because that’s not the source of beauty. 10 Months ago, I wouldn’t have accepted the photo on the left. I don’t know why…probably because I didn’t cultivate a mindset in which I accepted my body for what it is. 2017 has surely been a year of growth, acceptance and grace. Today, I SIT and STAND proud of the woman I am, because I have fought to become her. This morning I was reading a book called Beauty Begins and it really put things into perspective… "When my time on earth has come and gone, I don't care if anyone remembers when I look like. But I hope it will be said that... I smiled into the future. I saw the world's needs and tried my best to fill them. I ran towards people in pain instead of running away from them. I celebrated others' joy as if it were my own. I held up a mirror that reflected God's image and said, "This is who you are! I see the Beautiful One's fingerprints all over you." Tag a friend who needs to read this & COMMENT BELOW which one of these reminders stuck out to you⬇️ #EmbraceYourReal #SelfLove
I’m Julie. I want to let you in on real, un-documented moments because it’s important. Most of the time, I struggle to get dressed and ready for the day, because let’s be honest #pajamas always win -> actually, as I am writing this, I have yet to put makeup on, do my hair (that hasn’t been washed in 3 days), or get dressed and it is almost 3pm. Somedays I am just not feeling it, I let the weather effect my mood and motivation. I don’t have motivational podcasts playing in the background all day. I don’t have a picture perfect marriage, far from it. Heck, I’ve only been married for 2 years - I still have some much to learn! There are some weeks where I go days without interacting with a real-life human being besides Joshua (having a job on the inter webs is a weird thing because you can feel so connected without ever having to communicate a single word out loud). I too though I too, struggle with getting intimidated when I see other bloggers, entrepreneurs and fitness enthusiasts killing it. Just because I do this full time, doesn’t mean that I have it all together, trust me I am just like every single one of you reading this. Look, I know it seems like people whose life you follow in squares with blogs, businesses, podcasts, effortless relationships, etc look like they have it all together, but they don’t - they are just like you and me. They all come from a past and still have a part of their life that they don’t share online. I too struggle, and identify with the inadequacies that I feel. I never EVER want to come across to you as though “i’ve got all the answers & never struggle”. Instead, I’d rather be one that comes alongside you and says “hey, me too” and let that speak enough. Honestly, in this day in age - we don’t need more “inspirations” & “influencers” we need more of those who live “honest examples”. So if you are anything like me, & just want to know that you are not alone and that the struggle and feeling inadequate is real…me too- pull up a seat, we are in this ride together. 🖤🙏🏼 *If you truly want to know what I look like right now, watch my instagram story 😭😂* #EmbraceYourReal #EYRsisterhood
Relationships/Marriage are hard. Remembering that you are on the same team isn't always something that comes natural...okay like hardly ever [I'm very stubborn and strong-willed]. Over the last [almost 5] I have learned A LOT about not only teamwork in a relationship/marriage with @joshualedbetter, but also learning how build a business with him. Here are 7 things I've learned about teamwork that I think you will find valuable in any relationship/marriage/business partnership: 1. Declare than God will be the foundation of this team & truly let him be the foundation. 2. Evaluate what each persons strengths are and what their weaknesses is so important to know this so that you can save time by playing on each-others strengths! 3. Remember that two minds and creativity is much more powerful than one, if executed right. 4. Put your ego aside. This is one of the biggest reasons why people get in arguments as a team whether that be dating, marriage, business, ect. 5. Serve one another, if one is struggling, help each other out - selflessness actions speak louder than any word. 6. Constantly re-evaluate how you can better work together as a team - often times re-evaluation has a negative connotation when it shouldn't because this simple task will save you a lot of time! 7. Never forget to recognize each other for their accomplishments, it's so importantly to outwardly express how proud you are of them. Bookmark 🔰 this & Tag your love ♥️ #EmbraceYourReal #ALedbetterLife
[HONESTLY] a part of me is completely freaking out in fear right now. 🙈😳 This has been 14 years in the making. 14 years of trial & error. 14 years of feeling lost, confused and alone. 14 years of questioning if my journey to find true balance was crazy. I thought getting into a competition would make me feel didn't. To be honest, after my first show I didn't think I would compete again, but when I found #macrocounting and following a #balancedintake approach, I decided to give competing in a non-restrictive way another shot, thinking that if I completed the prep and/or won a pro-card that it would make me feel didn't. After walking off that stage in July 2014, I knew in my heart I would never compete again. That day was the day I truly believe I started my journey towards finding my balance. I've always known deep down in the my heart that the message I wanted to carry to the "health/fitness" space was a message of hope and balance and truly inspiring and empowering women to embrace their real. But all I saw features on in magazines were smiling women in tip-top shape, perfectly perky butts, turtle abs, and delts poppin'... I had that perky butt, turtle abs and delts poppin' and yet I knew in my heart and soul that, that that body and lifestyle was not "balance" for me. For months after my show, I felt lost, confused and ultimately thinking that the "health" space was not for me because I didn't compete and had zero desire to work for that competition physique. Thankfully, by the sweet grace of God, I mustered up the courage to tread un-marked territory in this space. Share my story in hopes that if it could help ONE women [or man] understand that they don't need to compete or compare their bodies to stage-lean physiques to measure up or "feel accomplished", than I did my job. I hope that this message/article inspires you to find your balance and truly find a lifestyle that YOU OWN instead of IT OWNING you. Thank you @modernfitnessmag for the article feature, it was truly an honor. Tag a friend. [LINK IN BIO TO READ] #EmbraceYourReal #SelfLove
Your relationship with food is arguably one of the most important relationships that you have on this earth. Think about it, you encounter it multiple times a day, every day for the duration of your entire life. How you view food will ultimately dictate how you live your life. Sound a bit extreme? I know, it is but it is true. For years, I denied that I had a food addiction. The addiction was so real, it literally consumed every part of my life. People would always tell me "wow you have so much self control" but inside I wanted to scream back "you have no idea the living HELL I am going through & how hard it is to live like this!" I lied my way out of situations, invitations, dinner dates, dessert offers. At 23, I finally came to a point in my life where I told myself enough was enough & I had to confront my addiction with food. Because this addiction is not like the rest where you can just cut it out, it is a mindset shift that needs to take place. These 5 things helped me overcome my addiction & restore my relationship with food: 1️⃣Admitting both on paper and verbally to myself and trusted friends & family (accountability partners) about my food addiction. 2️⃣Making a commitment to myself & my accountability partners that I will put every ounce of heart, soul, time and effort into restoring this relationship & won't ever stop trying. 3️⃣Investing time, resources & every ounce of effort into finding a sustainable solution to help me with my recovery (for me it was learning how to incorporate fear foods into my daily allotment of macros- knowing that I can eat the foods I love and still reach my goals of living optimally (mentally, emotionally & physically). 4️⃣Focusing daily on all the positives to restoring my relationship with food. 5️⃣Learning to extend grace to myself. There will be days I mess up, resort to old habits, or think negatively but I have to remind myself that this is a life-long journey that will have its ups & downs. I am far from perfect & don't have it all figured out but I am committed to loving myself and my body for where it's at & simultaneously striving for further growth. #EmbraceYourReal
The truth is that @joshualedbetter and I never traveled alone prior to this year and that's not something we're proud of considering that we've been married for over 2 years and together for almost 5. Yes, that means we never took a honeymoon...truth be told, owning a business consumes a lot of your time, energy and money. But at the end of the day, just like anything that you consider to be important has to be prioritized. At the start of this year [2017] we both decided that making memories together was valuable to both of us and something we highly valued over accumulation more possessions. So this year, we have prioritized budgeting "vacation expense" and have *tried* to let loose and allow ourselves time "off" [ek, that's hard to even type on here, my OCD side is really stressing about not looking at my inbox for 2 days🙈😳]. With that being said, there are not too many husbands that will wake up at 2am, drive 803 miles, only stopping 2 times to get gas to make sure we got here 1 hour before it closed. ♥️🙏🏼 Tired eyes but such a grateful heart for this forever memory that we created, here's to prioritizing our precious time together and embracing every moment, I love you @joshualedbetter #EmbraceYourReal #ALedbetterLife #MilesToMagnolia