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《°| •• the bits & pieces of a puzzle •• |°》

Love this view and waterfall :) __ __
This hike was long and I had to climb through a lot of rocks to get here but it was so worth it :) __ __
What a view :) __ __
Korean bbq yummy madness :) __ __
Take me back to this beautiful paradise. Diamond head hike. __ __
Really want some of this Buddha bowl again at ai love nalo __ __ __
"And if life is like a box of chocolate, then love is like a bag of fortune cookies. Perhaps once I'm broken enough, I'll be fortunate enough this time to find the right fortune." - Ranny __ __
Because in this lifetime, my heart only beats for you. And if we are not meant to be in this life, I will find and meet you again in a parallel universe. Another dimension. Another world. And when I do, my heart will beat for you like it always has been. Repeatedly. Lifetime after lifetime. ______ Lifetime || © Loan N. ______ __ __
"I am not someone who is easy to love. I am not someone who is to be taken lightly and most of all I am not someone to burn. For I am the fire, my soul is on fire and everything I live to touch becomes one with the fire. So ask yourself if you are willing to burn, because the moment you open yourself to me I will have no choice but to scorch everything that defines you. And without regret I will devour and I will leave nothing behind." - R.M.Drake 📸: @twotwentyphotos __ __
"I love you. I can't remember when I fell in love with you but very naturally, I had fallen in love with you before I knew it. The first time I met you, you were a strong and kind boy. You always protected me." 📸: @twotwentyphotos __ __ __
What a beautifu view this truly is. Hawaii I left my heart with you. I will be back again. __ __
He loves me, he loves me not...he loves me 📸: @twotwentyphotos __ __
Missing these two, my other halves. #goodtimes #greatmemories #trio #friendsforlife #bff #throwback __ __
And I'll be sitting here waiting for you __ __
To when I had one of the yummiest shave iced in Hawaii after Diamond Head hike :) __ __
Beautiful plumerias in the front yard :) __ __
Tonight's dinner view :) __ __
Diamond head hike :) __ __
Koko Head Crater. The hike is worth it!! The view is beautiful. Take me back! __ __
If I were to cut my hair short again __ __