Loan N. 🌻

Loan N. 🌻 @jesuisoddball

Diamond head hike :) __ __
Koko Head Crater. The hike is worth it!! The view is beautiful. __ __
If I were to cut my hair short again __ __
"I should've listened when I was told to look both ways when crossing the street. And as he came crashing down on me, I knew that this was the accident I've been waiting for to happen. But he was just another criminal, who was guilty of a hit and run. And I. I was just another victim, who was left with all of the injuries." - b.utterfly __ __
Mother nature sure is beautiful :) __ __
Take me back to Boston. It's so nice there! __ __
Yummy in my tummy :) __ __
"If you.. If you can't give me your heart, can you give me your hand? Because although I can't make you love me, there's no where else I'd rather be than right here, by your side." - b.utterfly __ __ __
Happy mother's day to my beautiful mother and to all the mothers out there. I love you mom. Even though there are times when we drive each other up the wall; I know you love me unconditionally. You will always be my mother, and I will always love you. __ __
"Perhaps one day if we meet again, you'll still remember me. And when you ask me if I remember you, I'll tell you that I don't. Because in order to remember someone, you have to forget them. So how can I remember you if I have yet to forgotten you?" - B.utterfly __ __
Want some ramen again __ __
I am so happy and proud of my best friend. She is a loving, caring, and intelligent person. I can't wait for you to start your residency in Internal Medicine. You will do great and will become one of the best doctors out there! :) __ __
"And when I met him, I was half empty until he filled my heart with his words and promises. But I tend to forget how words and promises can become just emptied words and emptied promises which in turn ended up emptying my heart." - b.utterfly __ __
"The truth is there are pieces of me in everything I have written to you, for you. After all, what is a poet but a composite of her love letters?" - Lang Leav __ __
Yummy tuna tataki :) __ __
Beyond this sunset someone is waiting for me. Beyond this sunset is a place where I call home. __ __
This breathtaking and beautiful sunset :) __ __