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Perhaps by chance, our paths collided. Or perhaps your soul was fated to be with mine. But have traveled through some space and time, we entered into each other's empty hearts, and became one. Our soul that was once lifeless, now has a palpable heartbeat. ____ Loan N __ πŸ“Έ: @twotwentyphotos __ __
And everytime, I will choose you. If not in this lifetime, then in a parallel universe, another dimension. No matter where, there will always be you. _____ Loan N. __
Chaotic || Loan N. __ __
Yummy breakfast to start the day __ __
Omg my heart!! ❀ My ultimate bias is back. The sun is rising once again. __ __
When everything looks more HD quality with glasses on πŸ€“ __ __
Really want some takoyaki again. It was so good. __ __
One of my greatest pet peeve is when people think they know what's going on, when in reality they don't know anything. In fact, what they think they know is wrong, and end up making assumptions/jumping to conclusions about everything; which in turn leads to a disaster and end up hurting others. Not everything is what you think it is. No matter what you do, people will judge and form some kind of opinion about you. But lift your chin up, smile, and move on; because if you're not doing anything wrong, then there is no need to explain yourself. Let them think what they want to think. It's not even worth explaining, but a waste of time. πŸ“Έ: @twotwentyphotos __ __
"She was born to be a lover, to make other people's life better, and to chase sunsets." __ __
Classy and chic is my style :) __ __
Seasons change; they come and go. But one thing remains the same; my love for you continues to grow. Blossoming more beautifully each and every season. __ Seasons || Loan N. __ __
Keep your face always toward the sunshine --- and shadows will follow behind you. Always look forward __ __
An average girl who is looking for herself in this big world. With a soul unseen. A story untold. And words unspoken. An individual who has an independent soul; a soul that is madly and deeply infatuated with passion. Who loves fiercely and intensely. An individual who seeks knowledge and lessons from experiences. An individual who wants to wanderlust. Explore the world. See and meet new people. A person who writes poetry with a burning soul. _____________________ Who I Am || Β© Loan N. __ __
"I am not someone who is easy to love. I am not someone who is to be taken lightly and most of all I am not someone to burn. For I am the fire, my soul is on fire and everything I live to touch becomes one with the fire. So ask yourself if you are willing to burn, because the moment you open yourself to me I will have no choice but to scorch everything that defines you. And without regret I will devour and I will leave nothing behind." - R.M.Drake πŸ“Έ: @twotwentyphotos __ __
"We are all bits and pieces of flawless imperfections." - J. Iron Word __ __
Every broken pieces of him told her a story. A story of his journey. His heart. His soul. And to others, his pieces are of no value, but to her it's value can't compare. For he was a masterpiece, and she has never seen anyone more beautifully broken. __________________ BEAUTIFULLY BROKEN || Loan N. __ __
Once a gator always a gator, no matter where I go! Chomp chomp! __ __
I want to plant a seed in your mind, some tiny particle of thought that bears a remnant of me. So little by little, day by day, you find yourself thinking of me, until one morning, you will wake up and realize you can’t think of anything else. __ __
Follow the stream and trial to the punch bowl :) __ __
Please take me back here __ __