Jessye Scofield

Jessye Scofield @jessye_scofield

MU Med | 2020

Some people I love. 💕
I did a thing. #chopchop
#Repost @forte.qd ( @get_repost) ・・・ "She is a woman of valor. A woman who knows her own strength, yet has not been hardened by circumstance." #theforteproject @forte.qd you have an amazing talent. The quote inspiration comes from my wonderful mother. ✨
Late nights and flashing lights. We did it right. #vegasbaby
✨✨✨ Thank you @lauren_greenberg for this magical photo! We can't wait to see the rest 💕
Today we learned that you should walk down Lombard Street, not up it. #wetooknapsafter
• O N E W E E K • #JohnAndJessSayYes 💕
We brought the sunshine to Lexington ☀️ How wonderful it is that we have so much to celebrate in our lives right now!
Starting the bachelorette weekend off right with my best friend! 🍻 @jenna_wooley
• one month until forever •
Two years of long distance? ✅ can't wait to marry you in 35 days!
The picture is blurry but I was too excited to keep the camera still!! MY BEST FRIEND IS ENGAGED!!!!! Andrew is a lucky man and you two are perfect! 💕💍🍾
Happy birthday you beautiful human 💕
You make dancing more fun and hangovers less terrible. 💕 ••• Congratulations to Caleb and Katelyn! It was a beautiful night!
Today I am thankful for sunshine, old and new friends, and study breaks that involve getting my hair done. 💕🌤
Happy birthday to the most beautiful person, inside and out! I'm so lucky to have you as my best friend, and I hope your day is as amazing as you are!
What an incredible night at Shave to Save raising money for the Hope Lodge in Kansas City!! Shout out to my sister @stephantonelli for organizing this amazing event!!
Just two best friends enjoying some live music 👭
11 years of friendship later, were finally growing up 💕 Huge thank you to my best friend for helping plan my first bridal shower! It was perfect in every way.
Replacing our stethoscopes with chokers for a night. 🍸 • • • So happy my best friend came to visit! Even though I forgot to post this when it actually happened. #latergram #wearingthesamelipstick