Jensen Ackles

Jensen Ackles @jensenackles

...we will never forget. #911 #WorldTradeCenter memorial
Thank you...
For those who wish to help us down here in Texas...we are makin things happen.
Thoughts and prayers to everyone getting hit by hurricane Harvey...Including my wife and children.
A sunny day at the office brings out the #spnfamily. Thanks for gettin a tan with me today, y'all.
My 8 month old son's selfie skills are scary good. Happy Friday folks.
Giant posters at #comiccon2017 make me nostalgic. Keep slaying it... @jeffreydeanmorgan
Backstage after the show...good times. Enjoy the birthday surprise we gave @jaredpadalecki tonight. #conanobrien
#2 no big deal! #wbsdcc #conanobrien
Back in beautiful British Columbia to start season 13. Goodbye hiatus beard. It's been real. #spnfamily
Starting the festivities early today. Happy Birthday America! Have an awesome 4th y'all. 💥💥😎
Never let @danneelackles512 suggest "sharing" a shaved ice. Ain't gonna happen. Ah well, Happy Saturday friends.
Morning Phoenix. Nothin like a pot of hot coffee and 100degree heat to start you off! 😎
4 years ago, today, she came in to this world. And changed my life forever. #happybirthday JJ.
Good to be back in NYC for the #cwupfronts - hope everyone enjoys the Season 12 finale tonight. 👍🏼
Thanks Melbourne and #ahbl8 for making us feel like rockstars. And thanks to the stage door for reminding us that we are not. 😤